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The Future of Altis Life

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Hello All,

Unfortunately the Altis life server is going to be turned off for an extended period of time while it undertakes some needed changes. The launch of 5.0 was disappointing to say the least and I dont blame people for being turned off from the server because of it. Kraze and I are now in control of Altis life and its future and will be trying our best to work on it and improve it over the next few months. We will try to be more open with the community and we invite people to make suggestions on what they want the server to become. Currently our plan is to take the current mission file and work it up a more acceptable standard, redo the entire ruleset and redo the cop structure into something more simplified for the time being (just until we get pop back to run a larger cop force). No dates are set in stone for how long this will take, and we will have a google form below that people can submit any suggestions, tips or advice. Feel free to ask any questions below and myself or Kraze will get back to you ASAP.

Google Form

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