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Exile Server Release Details

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G’day Gamers.

The OzzyGaming team is proud to announce the release of ArmA 3 Exile server. We would also like to thank our developers who have put in hard work into getting the server ready for launch.


Server Information


The server can be accessed through the server browser or in the ArmA 3 launcher, via the IP:, or by searching for “OzzyGaming”. It is recommended you connect through the launcher as this will tell you what mods you require and what you do not have to join the server.

Server Mods

The server is running many mods which can be found in our mod collection here: OzzyGaming Exile Mod Collection. We have eight mods that are required to play the server and seven mods that are optional for the player, these are listed below.


  • Required Mods:
  • Exile Mod
  • Exile Mod
  • Zombies & Demons
  • CBA_A3
  • RHSAFRF     
  • WMO - Walkable Moving Objects
  • Enhanced Movement
  • Extended_Base_Mod


Optional Mods:


  • Advanced Rappelling
  • Advanced Urban Rappelling
  • Advanced Sling Loading
  • Advanced Towing
  • Cartridge Cases
  • Fluid/incremental door opening
  • JSRS Sound Mod


Bugs & Other Issues


As this is ArmA 3 there is likely to be a few bugs that you will find during the early stages of release. If we did miss a bug, or you can’t do something that you should be able to do, contact a developer through the “Bug-Reports” section under “Exile” on Discord.


Exile Staff


At this stage, we are not looking for staff for Exile, though this will come out in the future. Applications will be open soon, and once you have some time on the server, and if you wish to help out, you can submit an application.


Kind Regards,

OzzyGaming Exile Management Team

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