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OzzyGaming Exile Rules

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Disclaimer: These rules are constantly being revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back here on a regular basis.


Last Update: 30/08/2018



ArmA 3 Exile is a game mode that does not require many rules due to the nature of the game. However, there are some "quality of life" rules that need outlining. These rules are designed to give new players a chance to get somewhat established and prevent exploitation of notable locations.


1.0 General


1.1 Exploiting: Do not exploit in-game mechanic or bugs to gain an advantage.

1.2 Cheating: Do not cheat. Cheating is defined as using third party software to gain an advantage and or to disrupt the server.


2.0 Safe Zones


Safe Zones are designed to provide players with a place to buy and sell gear without the fear of being attacked. The Safe Zone is not an area where players can drop their guard entirely. They must make sure that they lock their vehicles and be wary of what they drop on the ground as these items have the potential to be stolen.

You may:

          - Steal any items.

          - Steal any vehicles that are unlocked. However, you must re-sell the vehicle at another trader.


You may not:

          - Camp the Safe Zones. Players who want to engage in combat must stay at least 500 meters away from the edge of the zone.

          - Try to evade combat by running into the safe zone.


3.0 Building


Building rules are designed to prevent groups or families from camping or controlling essential locations or blocking infrastructure. Additionally, these rules will outline conditions for player/family base removal due to inactivity.

3.1 Maintenance: Building maintenance must be paid weekly otherwise groups/families risk the removal of their base. There will be a three day grace period for groups/families to pay the maintenance fee to keep their base.

3.2 Territory Flags: Players must not place territory flags within 1 kilometre of any crucial areas. Team members will check these areas regularly and will remove any bases violating this rule.

3.3: Building Over Roads: Players may build over roads. However, they may not block roads. Please allow clearance of at least two walls high to allow players to use the road.


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