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John Smith

Altis Life Update | Version: 5.2r1 | UPDATED [22/8/18]

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G'day OzzyGamers.
The Altis Life server has been updated to version '5.2r1' this version includes the following changes to the mission file.

If you have any suggestions for the Altis Life server you have the following options, suggest it to the devs in the '#suggestions' channel on Discord, post your suggestion on the forums or contact a developer directly on TeamSpeak.

If you encounter any errors, bugs, glitches or exploits. Let an Altis Life developer know ASAP if none are available to submit a ticket and select the ''Altis Life Bug/Exploit Report" Department. Remember to include as much information as possible!


  • A spike strip effect for players who attempt to run over AI,
  • The ability for police to crush illegal vehicles,
  • Police can now seize items on the ground,
  • Re-specing perks system currently costs $ 500,000,
  • Ability to purchase Ifrits,


  • The payout for plane missions to increase with the pilot payout perks,
  • Medic Paycheck to align with police,
  • The cost of insuring a strider,


  • Exp issue with crop-dusting,
  • Civilian Zamack not allowing Y-inventory to be opened,
  • All police attachments being unlocked at every rank,


--This thread will auto-lock in 30 days--


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Xi'an's are cop only Blackfish are civ only

4 hours ago, Rivva said:

Now we just need Xi'an's


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21 hours ago, Daniel Stewart said:

@Lachl your point is?

you cant get it and probs wont get it

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@Lachl it doesn't matter if Xi'ans are cops only. He was just saying he wanted them and there is new management so it could happen.


Edited by Daniel Stewart

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