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Keybinds & Commands

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Keybinds & Commands


How to create a custom keybind:

  1. Press F8
  2. Type: bind KEYBOARD O "e dance"

How to remove a custom keybind:

  1. Press F8
  2. Type: unbind keyboard O

Main Interaction Keys

  • ~ : Quick Menu
  • Y : Clothing panel.

Key binds

  • 1-9: Hotkey Assignments (Press TAB and drag items to set)
  • Hotkey Assigned to weapon will Unequip weapon
  • =: Turn Engine Off
  • B: Point
  • X: Hands Up / Speed Limiter
  • U: Lock / unlock vehicle (Inside or next to vehicle; must be owner)
  • Y: Open clothing radial menu and use seatbelt
  • -: Browse Trunk when outside of vehicle or Glovebox when inside vehicle
  • LEFT CONTROL-C: Crouch
  • P: Crawl
  • Z: Stop Animation / Abort
  • F11: Police / EMS CAD
  • DEL: Scoreboard
  • N: Push to Talk
  • /I: Toggle Player IDs
  • B: Seatbelt
  • Engine Always On: Hold F when exiting vehicle
  • LEFT SHIFT + G: Tackle nearby player

Voice & Radio

  • F11: Change Proximity

Chat Commands (Press T)

  • /hood : Open hood while in a vehicle
  • /trunk : Open trunk (and view contents if outside vehicle)
  • /do [Message] : RP Information
  • /me [Message] : Personal action
  • /twt : Type on tweeter
  • /gumtree : Sell your cars here
  • /ad : Only to be used by businesses
  • /id : Returns your server ID
  • /shuff : Move to drivers seat if passenger
  • /mic : Microphone (E to activate, Backspace to exit)
  • /cam : News Camera
  • /guide: Quick Start Guide Menu
  • /door : Open or close doors 1-4 passenger doors
  • /givekey [ID] [PLATE] : Give keys for vehicle
  • /givecash [ID] [AMOUNT] : Give cash to player from pockets
  • /helmet [on or off] : Take helmet off or put back on.
  • /hat [on or off] : Take hat off or put back on.
  • /report [REASON] : Report a player for abuse
  • /showbank : Show your bank balance to people in a close proximity.
  • /showid : View your wallet and/or present your ID cards to the closest player.
  • /bag (Variants)
  • /bracelet (Toggle)
  • /ear (Toggle)
  • /glasses (Toggle)
  • /gloves (Variants)
  • /hair (Variants)
  • /hat (Toggle)
  • /mask (Toggle)
  • /neck (Toggle)
  • /pants (Toggle)
  • /shirt (Toggle) (Also takes off gloves)
  • /shoes (Toggle)
  • /top (Variants)
  • /visor (Variants)
  • /watch (Toggle)
  • /bagoff (Toggle)
  • /togglehud : Hide/Show the HUD elements for screenshot purposes
  • /togglechat : Hide/Show the CHAT HUD.
  • /scene [TEXT] : Create or update a scene on an object.
  • /scenehide : Toggles hiding scenes.
  • /sceneremove : Remove a nearby scene, if you own the scene or you are a Police officer.
  • /scenecopy : Copies your nearby scene. (Has to be your own)
  • /pickupordropprop : Pick up or drop prop
  • /removelastprop : Remove prop (Must pick up prop first)
  • /createprop : Create a prop (use the name list here) > cone / pdbarrier / medbag
  • /pd-deatharea : Check where there hurt
  • /pd-deathcause : Check how they got hurt
  • /rob : Steal from players with their hands up (You must be armed)

POLICE & EMS: Vehicle Sirens/Lights

  • Keyboard (Default):
  • Toggle emergency lights: Q
  • Airhorn: E
  • Toggle siren: R
  • Browse sirens: Y
  • Highbeam Lights: H
  • Helicopter spotlight: H

POLICE: In-car Radar

  • Press M to open the radar menu while in a police vehicle. Then, click “Toggle Radar” to enable the radar.
    Button Meanings:
  • XMIT - Turns on/off the antenna.
  • OPP - Makes the antenna scan traffic in the opposite lane.
  • SAME - Makes the antenna scan traffic in the same lane of travel.
  • FAS Loc - Turn on so fast loc works
  • FAS SPD - Set the speed a car must be travelling to be detected.
  • UNITS- Switch between MPH and KPH.
  • A beep will sound when a car is detected above the limit. Their top speed will stay in the box.
  • Remove previous vehicles saved speed and reset by pressing G.

Animation Commands


  • ~ : Then click Animations
  • /e c : Cancel animation
  • ~ : Then click Attitude
  • See Animations menu for emote command names.



If i have missed some please let me know (Thank you)

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