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Donations Update

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Since the start of the month, we have been really overwhelmed by the number of donations/subscriptions people have given to the community. I bring you another large update on what has been happening with the donation system and how things will work going into the future.

At the start of the month, Executive @Molotov made official contact with the operators of FiveM in order to clear up some of their policies and what we are allowed to do with donations.

As a management team, our biggest concern was that donations (at least a high volume) won't last forever and various months will always have ups and downs. While donation money will vary significantly from month to month, server expenses will not. Unfortunately, as to our understanding of the FiveM policies, we could not accept any more money in a month than our actual costs, which can be reset the following month. This is where we asked if it was possible to collect money in advance, rather than one month at a time. FiveM said yes, up to a few months ahead. This allows a safety net in cases of anything unexpected to keep the server running/funded for a few months in advance. I have prepared the following image to help explain:


*(Note, example values only)*

Rather than a monthly goal, we can now operate a rolling quarterly (3 months) goal instead. This means we are not accepting any additional money over what our costs are. However, we can accept more money in any given month than our goal, at the expense that the following month may support less allowable donations.

From the above image, we could expect bad months at $100 (14% of goal) but this could be made up by a good month at $1,200 (163% of goal). If we couldn't do this 3 monthly goal, if we had a bad month, we could not recuperate this loss later on.


Another point cleared up by the FiveM staff was the following: We can accept donations that are not in any way linked to FiveM and this would not count towards our goal. At this time, we have no support for other donation streams, but this does allow us to do this kind of thing later whether it be for Squad, CSGO, ARMA, TeamSpeak etc.
Again though, we are quite happy with our subscription model and see no need (and have no use) to try and claw extra money out of the community.


I also want to cover how we handle, store and use your donation money through a few key points.
- All donations are sent to Ryan's PayPal account and remain in this account. As invoices/renewals/expenses are received, Ryan pays them using this account.
- Nobody else at Ozzygaming receives this money, is paid or otherwise benefits from this donation money.
- Any unspent donations are kept in that PayPal account indefinitely and used for future months/expenses.

- Ryan does not withdraw/spend any additional money from the account other than what is used for server costs/expenses/invoices. (Trust me, if he did, the entire management team would not allow him to keep running the show and would be extremely angry)

- FiveM policy does not allow anyone to make direct profit from FiveM services, therefore we will not do this. To be clear, if we made $1 profit, FiveM can simply terminate our server license and remove us from the server browser, rightly. This is why it is not worth the risk to us.


Below is our most up to date estimated monthly expense report (as at 18/07). Putting our monthly goal at $748 and 3-month goal at $2,234.


As always in the interest of transparency, honesty and integrity, we will continue to update you on our goal and donation status. Hopefully this change also allows more people to be able to donate/subscribe if they so desire and will mean we no longer (generally) have to stop donations only a few days into the month.


- Donations goals are now every 3 months rather than monthly to protect us for the future

- No one from OzzyGaming makes any money etc. from your donations, they just sit in an account unril used

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