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Thoughts on Gang Uniforms

Gang Identification  

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  1. 1. Should gangs be identified? How?

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Some people that have come from other servers have mentioned in-game gang tags so that cops can identify gang members in a hostile sit. An alternative could be gang uniforms (similar to cop), what are everyone's thoughts?

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Issue with uniforms would be:
- Getting custom uniforms for each gang (would either need to update mission file each time, or have some way to choose from existing textures)
- Avoiding overlap (if the idea is to ID gang members to each other, two gangs with the same uniform would cause issue)
- Mission file size (if you use custom texutres, and have several dozen gangs, adding bloat)


If you do anything at all, nametags would be ideal, as you'd be able to customise when and where those are visible/used (eg. gang ID only visible to gang members? or everyone?)

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If uniforms were to be implemented i would think it would require custom uniforms not just preset random cloths you can get from rebel because not many people would want to wear it otherwise

I voted Uniforms under the impression that it will be custom uniforms 

I did a little of looking of what other servers do but cant find any that are not modded but here is a look of the modded which have custom vest and helmets and default clothing.


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The thing with modded servers is that they can absorb the file size cost of most their stuff inside the mods themselves.

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