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TittleAU-Jerry Wrinkler

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Hey hotties, you should fly over to my twitch and check it out but let me give you some reasons why you should follow or check out my channel.

1- love Roleplaying but also PvPing others. 

2- I don't just play FiveM I also play Escape From Tarkov, Rainbow Six Siege and alot more FPS games.

3- I am very easy to get along and I always try to make everyone have a laugh. 

I think that should give you some estimates of what I do so go check out one of my streams you can see my times of when I am live in the panel section of my channel but some days will be put off due to School or just busy around the house. I also do want to start uploading on my Youtube Channel so you guys can enjoy more than just my streams, I hope to see you guys in the future on my streams or even on my youtube thank you for giving me a chance if you did and don't forget to follow!



Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE_6qXbi65I97VXMNcWL3EQ?view_as=subscriber

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