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persian bois intro

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idk im 18, this is my first time getting into GTA FiveM (played ArmaLife but nothing compared to this)been playing for a bit and can already say I love going bags as much as I do IRL. Nah fr I dont know wtf im doing most the time but it seems pretty fun, hope to have fun with you all in the future

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Hi persian, Welcome to OzzyGaming :)

Since you're new I suggest you take a look into the guide section of the forums to get yourself started. I've attached the image that displays all controls below.

A good way to get yourself some cash is by doing a "non-whitelistjob" such as being a treasure hunting or a trucking. If you're unable to find one, landscaping is the current favorite.

Before you get too deep into the server you and your brother might want to consider getting character name changes to avoid issues with staff in the future. If you've already gotten into the server with your current character I recommend  requesting a name change under the support section by creating a ticket.

Hope you enjoy your time in the city,
Justin - 2014 Veteran Admin

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