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Donations, FiveM and General Updates!

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Greeting OzzyGamers,

As you all have probably seen, there have been some changes around the place. The Executives have been run off our feet making some changes and getting FiveM server back to where we would like it to be. Quite a lot to cover so I will go through it piece by piece, feel free to skip to sections you care about. Lots of content so I will try to be as brief as possible if you would like clarification or more info feel free to ask.


We have been in contact with the FiveM Collective and have received permission to collect two months ahead in donations. This means we will be collecting the current month and then the two after. The monthly costs remain essentially the same from Ryan's donation post. Further information will be coming about this so you can see where we stand, we are limited by the plugins we use but we will be doing the best we can.

This new system lets us have some warning when the donations slow and means we can act before Ryan is forced to pay for the shortfall personally. This also reduces the stress on the management team as it is no small sum of money.

We have also given Admin's the ability to give out donation perks, we are working with them to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible and this means that rewards are able to be given out faster. This will hopefully remove the frustration of having to wait, we know you guys want your rewards ASAP.

We are also extremely thankful for everyone's support and your patience while we have been extremely busy with various pieces of the puzzle moving. I am pleased to say that we are getting there and hopefully everything will be in order shortly so we can maintain the transparency which we have always had, not just for the players but FiveM Collective too.

Squad Staff

I'd like to announce that @Matty Lee Chang and @N. Fox have been promoted to Squad Admin and I have deeply appreciated their support, I look forward to continuing to work with you guys. Thanks for joining me out on the ledge with this project!

We also welcome @CaptainKFC to the support team and I hope everyone gives him a warm welcome.

I will be continuing to look for a couple more staff for Squad to allow better coverage throughout the week, feel free to apply if you are interested!

FiveM Staff

FiveM has been quite the hotbed of activity recently. Boss continues to support us in the background and we appreciate his efforts, but we ask that everyone respect his space and need to recharge. So if you have suggestions and such, we are happy to hear them but don't message Boss directly - thanks!

We have selected out new FiveM Managers, big thank you to @Bendacat and @MrMagic for stepping up to the plate. The Executives will continue to support them as they get a feel for the role. Please be nice everyone! We are excited to have them onboard in the Management team and look forward to their work in FiveM.

I'd like to congratulate @Johnny on his promotion to Admin, well deserved.

We are also welcoming onboard @gex, @Rockwell (aka Ehruhgahn), @Redwin and @pleberino to the FiveM support team. We really appreciate you guys putting up your hands, we are considering some further additions to the team so apps are still open if you are interested.

It is with some sadness that we have had to say goodbye to some of the staff members that you know. Some of the staff left for personal reasons to focus on real life and others have been offered and accepted staff positions on another FiveM server. We thank them all for their work on our server and we appreciate the support they gave. We also wish them all the best with their new server; I hope they find the utopia they were searching for.


Exile testing has been highly successful! Further updates on this server are just around the corner, the main people leading this project are taking a week off to collect themselves before they enter the breach with a full server launch. So stay tuned, this one is close on the horison.

Altis Life

As you will have noticed, the Altis Life server is looking to make a return with a host of new scripts and content. We are excited to see the return of OzzyGaming's oldest server but with a new framework and feel to it. Keep your eyes on the announcements for this one and if you are interested in joining or leading a faction or staff, see the applicable applications to fill in. We won't be running this server quite like the old Ozzy server but we are confident that the new methodology will be highly enjoyable and hopefully limit the amount of helpdesk camping (over everything...). Big thank you to @Ryan King and @Infinity for all their work on this.

Server Changes

Due to the pressure on the servers from different game services and general services, somewhere around Wednesday this week we will be making some adjustments to where (and how) game servers and services are hosted. FiveM and Squad should remain largely unaffected, otherwise, there may be some minor changes. This will provide a better quality of service on our core servers while streamlining how the up and coming servers operate. In short: Fewer lag spikes and less clashing between services.

We don't have any plans for outages at present time but there may be some short periods during quiet times if we need to. We will announce in Discord before we take any action that could affect the servers you may be playing on.


I would like to extend a big thank you again to our staff team, without these guys we really could not offer the services that we do and also all the support we have been given by the community. It means a great deal to us and we really appreciate it.

On behalf of the Executive Team

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yay :D


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Haha Thanks guise for the opportunity, I hope that I can help everyone where they need it both players and staff. I look forward to helping the server grow as well as making a fun and enjoyable server and community for all players and staff. I look forward to the future and everything it brings.

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