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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome everyone to the great debate! Hosted by your least favourite Executive yet favourite troll. BEFORE YOU VOTE, YOU SHOULD READ MY LITTLE COMMENTS BELOW. Despite how much fun I will have reading the nonsense, fallacies, emotive and passionate comments relating to this - it is a genuine question and we will take the results seriously but a marginal majority is not enough to sway me. I may not respond seriously but one problem at a time, right? We generally hate polls because the vocal minority usually rule over them and groups of mindless sheep with just vote for whatever their friend did. Please humour me and try to critically analyse what you think is the best options for the server (and how that would pan out in game) and not just from your selfish position - please think of the server as a whole and everyone's enjoyment. Which applies to all sides of this. Ideally you will also provide comment on what made you select your choice and why you feel it is better than the others. This is extremely important for people who currently (or historically) have played the various factions on the server and may (or may not) sway the management team. Remember to focus your attention on the point at hand, this isn't a chance for you to rant and rave about that one time you got shot and 100% thought it was bullshit. P.S. If your friend told you to come vote a specific option - you have already failed the 'Independent thought' requirement to vote. No one other than staff can see who voted for what so be brave and vote honestly with thought. Many thanks, Molotov Normal community rules apply, btw stupid people win stupid prizes. This is non-binding and no implementation time-frame is guaranteed in the event of an accepted change. You are welcome to try play the 'How much money does it take for Molotov to agree with me' game - results may vary. Squad is still better than FiveM, Squad #1.
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