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  • FiveM - EMS Report Form
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    • What is your Discord name and #?
    • What is the name of the involved EMS staff member(s) and their call-signs if applicable.
    • When did the incident occur?
    • In detail, please describe what happened.
    • Please include any video evidence if possible.
  • Clan Application
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    • What are the names + Steam ID's of the 6 founding members of your clan?
    • What is the history and play style of your clan?
    • Please provide a link to your 16x16 clan icon image

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  1. G'day Gamers! I am writing to inform the community that overnight, @Boss has notified the executive/staff team that he would be stepping back from his management position in the community. Boss has been with OzzyGaming for many years and had a pivotal role in the reformation of Ozzygaming as we changed ownership and moved to FiveM from our Arma 3 roots. Boss has been leading FiveM development and the server since the beginning of the year. Successfully putting OzzyGaming FiveM to the number 1 spot in the region, if not globally most nights. We thank Boss unreservedly for his hard work, stressful dedication, sleepless nights and thankless tinkering that has got the community to where it is today. I should note that it is thank you and not goodbye! Boss will be remaining in the community and will still be here to support the community and potentially develop on a much more casual basis. We would appreciate it if you gave Boss a bit of time and respect and not go to him for your every question or whim for the time being as he does seek and deserve a substantial break. Boss has a lot of personal commitments to attend to which understandably deserve priority. He has really thrown himself at FiveM over the past few months to the degree where he has really burnt out. This can be attributed to a shortage of suitable staff and some of the executive team not helping out where needed at times, including myself. These things combined really put Boss at the forefront of all things FiveM and was the go-to man for most people, which was never going to be sustainable as our nightly population hits just shy of 100 most nights. We thank Boss from the bottom of our hearts and hope he can enjoy a nice long well-deserved break. ---- On an administrative note, this does leave quite the void to be filled for our FiveM services. Like always we welcome any and all staff applications which are reviewed regularly by the team. While we are in no rush to fill the role of FiveM manager, we will obviously like to find one at some point. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to speak to an executive. Generally speaking, we are really pushing our team to the limit with 3 full servers with essentially the same amount of staff as when we had just 1. Accompanied by other services such as Squad and Exile coming online, we are finding that we may be spreading our administrative team quite thin. If you have been considering applying for staff, feel free to do so now, as there is no better time!