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  1. G'day OzzyGamers. Our FiveM server has gained considerable popularity and we have noticed that some of our regular players have been asked about a whitelisted server, I am creating this thread to gauge the interest. This is by no means a sure thing, however, if we have enough interested people, then we will definitely consider it. Some things to consider: We would need 64 registered whitelisted players before we considered launching the server. Players must have been on the server for at least a week before applying for the whitelisted server. You will need to come up with an in-game persona before applying for the server. This information will be required in the whitelisting process. The server would be strict RP, everyone would be expected to perform at the top of their game, any bullshit/trolling will result in you being immediately blacklisted, honest mistakes will be dealt with less harshly and will act on a sort of 3 strike system for similar rule-break occurrences. Admin support will primarily be diverted to the main server as people who are whitelisted will be expected to be well versed in the rules/keep out of trouble.
  2. G'day Gamers, We had a few ideas to change donator channels in TeamSpeak with the new server. There is a poll* attached for you to vote on and I encourage you to post your additional comments/suggestions for how it should work. This should also fix some of the contentions around how donator channels work with the order of them etc. I am personally interested in cutting down the number of channels as much as possible. I will also note that we have removed the concept of a list of private staff channels. Instead, there will be generic private channels that staff have exclusive access to but not necessarily just for that one staff member. Staff can donate to have private channels, like any other member of the community. Obviously donations are an essential part of the community to keep it running. We need to find a line between turning things into a cash grab and giving rewards/respect to the community for supporting it. Poll 1: Order of names Many people get upset about this in terms of someone else's name above theirs etc. I think it would be helpful to have a standard to avoid arguments. Options: Alphabetical - Vey simple and fair, easy to find names. Some people could change their names etc. to game the system Amount Donated - Top of the list is the top donator. Makes donations competitive and seems logical top donator, top channel. Date Joined Community - Pretty simple, oldest donating member at the top (Date joined original Altis life) New channels added to the bottom - Simply each time we add a new channel, it goes to the bottom of the list, hard to keep track of. Poll 2: Channel permissions As I said, I'd like to reduce the channels. If you think about the current 2 channel process, it is a bit of a waste. Everyone generally only uses one or the other, you can't really use both at once. The top channel is typically a 'lobby' for the main subscribe/join power channel. It isn't ideal to have a lobby to every single channel, it adds up. In previous instances, management cracked the sads about donators editing the settings of their channels. In my opinion, who cares? it's just TeamSpeak permissions and as long as it doesn't become vulnerable to exploitation, you should be able to do whatever you want with it. Passwords, join power, subscribe power, edit descriptions, give perms to their friends etc. Who cares? Of course, there is an element of 'it looks nice' to have them look all the same to be fair. Options: Current system - One lobby channel and one secondary channel for high tier donators with subscribe/join power. One channel with elevated permissions - The more you donate, the more access you have to channel permissions. i.e. basic $30 donator has a public channel that they own, donate more and you can have join power, more and you can have a password, more and you can have subscribe power etc. Let us know what you think in the poll. If you have a better idea, let us know! #FirstPoll #DefinatelyNotTheLast *Poll is an indication only and may not represent the final product