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Found 1 result

  1. G’day OzzyGamers, It’s time we gave you another update from the Executive team. Time absolutely fly’s by when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Give me the stats, GIVE ME THE STATS! Well what do you know, we’re almost at 4,000 members on the forums and over triple the number of discord members this time last year, woo! We’ve surpassed 14,000 unique FiveM accounts. Squad’s seen a healthy increase to over 4,000+ unique players in just the last three months. It also has had a noted increase in its staff team, seeding the server almost every night. (Pat on the back Molotov, you finally did it) Enough of the boring stuff, what’s next? Well, great question. As always, our idea for this community was to be just that, a community. We set OzzyGaming up so it could support multiple games and be a host for some great memories. Over the past year, we have hosted several games, most of which have come and gone as pop-up servers. We continue to look for new games and servers to host to give you a bigger portfolio of games for your enjoyment. We always accept suggestions for new games to run, so if you have some feel free to make a post on the forums. New game, old game or something we’ve offered before but you feel could make a big come back - let us know. New games or just suggestions in general, drop them here for consideration: OzzyGaming Suggestions Speaking of, I’ve seen some new developer tags on discord. Tell me more Silver! Oh, I’m glad you asked. We’ve recently been approached by some very enthusiastic players that are keen to help expand our community. They are developing a selection of new games and servers for you guys to play on. As of today, we have a Rust, Ark and Garry’s Mod server in development. Information about these servers is still to come, so stay tuned and watch out for the arrival of their discord announcement channels! Community Coordinator? What’s that? As you may have seen, we have made an expression of interest form for those that may be interested in becoming ae community coordinator. We are also looking for someone to help manage this upcoming branch of the OzzyGaming team. This team will be entirely community focused and will be separated from the administrative duties of any of our gaming servers. Designed to boost our community engagement, we are looking for someone who is consistently engaged with the people in our community, diligent enough to manage a team of people, has a passion for OzzyGaming, can take the initiative and can think outside the box. I came here for FiveM, now tell me about it!! FiveM has undergone some serious changes since the last community update. We were boasting a couple of 32 slot servers and the joys of One Sync were only a distant dream. Currently sitting at a 100-slot server with well over 14,000 unique players, we’re happy with how far we have come. Thanks to everyone that has helped get us here! Developers, staff, community members and you - our players! You’re all apart of this, and for that we thank you all! With development for our FiveM server steaming away thanks to our very own @Boss and @Caldweldwith help from @Ryan King and our newest additions to the team: @Snipes-Murphy and @Delexical. We are working towards some nice performance goals presently. (I’m sure you’ve noticed the extra FPS while playing the server) Once we are happy with those, we can burst full steam ahead into the possibilities of the future. So, watch this space for some development updates to come. If developing for FiveM sounds like a bit of you, I encourage you to fill out a developer application on the forums. Developers would need to be committed, able to demonstrate their skills, show they are able to self-teach and have strong initiative. Thank you! A huge thank you to everyone that has helped us get to where we are now. OzzyGaming wouldn’t be the same without you (for better or worse - you know who you are) We appreciate the laughs, memes and late-night cards against humanity games. A very special thank you to our dedicated staff team, volunteering their own time to make OzzyGaming a fun and enjoyable player experience. A big thanks to all the donators that keep OzzyGaming running! (she really isn’t cheap) You’re a great community and we can’t wait to see what we all do together next. Reminders: If you have an issue with a Staff member, please submit a ticket (selecting 'Report a Team Member') these are only visible to the Management team (Executives and Managers) - we take these issues very seriously as it directly impacts the reputation of the server and staff team. Just note that we don't remove staff member for minor infractions like calling someone a name when frustrated just like normal helpdesk. Punishments match the severity of the infraction - factoring in the position of trust and authority that staff are in and hence are held to a higher standard. However, do not pick a fight with the staff member in public channels - this makes you look like the problem and will result in swift action taken against you. Our staff are empowered to preserve the integrity of the server and the enjoyment of all - this includes removing recurring problematic players from the server. Just another reminder that our staff are all volunteers, including the Executive team. This does not mean that 'anything goes' for staff (Staff are bound by staff rules in addition to normal server rules) but this does mean some measure of respect and politeness should be extended to our team. People who just gratuitously abuse and insult our staff for doing their duties will not be tolerated. Regards, Silverback On behalf of the Executive team.
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