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  1. Its, always about who you know, and who knows & trusts you.......
  2. Howdy, Been helping some mates with installing the visuals, sounds etc that I use. More and more people have been asking for help so I thought I would take a try at making a tutorial vid. In this tutorial you will see examples of my mods along with how to install my updated visuals, tyer sounds, gun sounds, car sounds, emergency lights and more. I have even made a easy to download file with everything you need, found in the description of the video. Check out the tutorial video by clicking the link below. There is also a install guide in the download that I wrote up if you prefer that
  3. hey mate im trying to run for ems any chance we couyld chat about gettimg my crim history removed itwas a while ago


    1. tommy44


      its the only thing in the way

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