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  1. Greetings citizens of Los Santos, Life Invader News is proud to announce that we will be constructing our own Top 5 richest. We will start with the data collection process which will involve individuals that wish to be a contender to private message me the following; Title: Life Invader's Top 5 Richest - [Your Name] IC Name: Employment: Financial Amount: Evidence: (full screenshot [whole screen]) It should be noted that falsifying any information may result in a permanent removal from the list. After a week this list will be published and we will truly know who is the richest person in Los Santos. Kind Regards, Samuel Moretti Director of Life Invader News
  2. Welcome to OzzyGaming! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. @Boss Linking you to this for reviewal purposes. Wasn't sure if I had to or not.
  4. I appreciate the positive message. Hopefully this goes through so we can extend our RP.
  5. Hello Ozzy Gaming community, After exploring the GTA V Roleplay server I've come to the realisation that the entire news and reporting aspect of the server is essentially not utilised or not utilised to it's full potential. I believe with a proper and competent team having the reigns of this job would further increase the Roleplay from all factions. Thus, it is a necessity for the community to have a proper functioning News Network. My plan to create a successful News Network would have to start at employment. In regards to employment, I'd hire myself a small management team (one/two other people) which would assist me in the Human Resources aspect of the organisation. I would then hire an individual that essentially would fulfil the duties of a Producer who would act as a middleman between Managment and it's employees. The Producer would lead operations in regards to publications. They would delegate tasks between each staff member. I would then have my employees which would consist of Editors and Reporters. My ideal staff structure would look something like this. Director (for a small business I find CEO unfitting), Deputy Director, Producer, Editor, Reporter, Intern? (As this is an unwhitelisted job) I'm happy to negotiate any employee structure changes that are recommended. My ideal plan for the organisation would be to have my Reporters on the ground actively investigating stories selected to them by the Producer. They would then give all stories to the Editor and the Editor would then co-write a weekly newspaper with a member of management (whilst we start up). To reiterate instead of just having Reporters capture moments in-game I'd also like a weekly newspaper. This would encourage other businesses to enforce greater roleplay as this could start businesses requesting advertisements on the paper. The entire Reporter job is already set at Life Invader so that's why we'd like our office location to be at Life Invader, this is set in the City which would allow our employees to minimise response time for reporting. The uniform that Life Invader News would utilise would be formal clothing. It would be a standard that all employees not only dress in a professional manner; however, act in a professional manner. It is vital that our employee's act with the utmost professionalism as they will be directly representing our brand. If an employee fails to follow their contract (will be drafted upon acceptance) they will be terminated immediately. Overall, the addition of Life Invader News would promote roleplay in all instances around the community. I appreciate the time you took to read my application. Kindest Regards, OOC IGN: Lloyd - IC IGN: Samuel Moretti