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  1. honestly, to combat the constant civ violence there are many possible solutions which could include making the rules stricter or upping the fine and jail time just in general giving harder punishments for murdering somebody.
  2. Personally, I voted nobody should have them it would make shootouts and the overall hostile RP of the server a lot more realistic and challenging but in saying that I'm also ok with everybody having them only because I believe a population of the community will choose to use 3rd party software to gain an overall advantage over their enemy.
  3. its been changed to darkrp and enjoy your perm brudda
  4. get rid of darkrp and go back to santosRp cause its kinda shit ngl
  5. im suing your cousin ;)


    1. Jacob Boitex

      Jacob Boitex

      hahahahhahahaha im sorry bbbyyyy still gotta give you da comp aye 

  6. Jacob Boitex's SantosRP Police Aplication Application ID #4234 Submitted on 11/30/19 at 10:01:09 AM ---------------------- What is your RP name? Jacob Boitex ---------------------- What is your Discord name and tag? Jacob B #8476 ---------------------- What is your Steam64 ID? 76561198172329901 ---------------------- What is your current server playtime? ---------------------- Do you have any past police experience? If so briefly describe. Currently LSC FiveM, Chief on MonolithRP, And experience on multiple Arma Servers ---------------------- Why would you like to join the Rockford Police Force? I'm looking to join a new and well-established police force where I can grow and leave a proper professional impression on this new and exciting police force. ---------------------- What can you bring to the Rockford Police Force? I can bring a level of professionalism and experience that not many will be able to bring I know how to deal with new and challenging situations and would devote hours of time and love to be a part of the department. ---------------------- Do you have any references from the Police Force? No
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