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  1. Jacob Boitex's SantosRP Police Aplication Application ID #4234 Submitted on 11/30/19 at 10:01:09 AM ---------------------- What is your RP name? Jacob Boitex ---------------------- What is your Discord name and tag? Jacob B #8476 ---------------------- What is your Steam64 ID? 76561198172329901 ---------------------- What is your current server playtime? ---------------------- Do you have any past police experience? If so briefly describe. Currently LSC FiveM, Chief on MonolithRP, And experience on multiple Arma Servers ---------------------- Why would you like to join the Rockford Police Force? I'm looking to join a new and well-established police force where I can grow and leave a proper professional impression on this new and exciting police force. ---------------------- What can you bring to the Rockford Police Force? I can bring a level of professionalism and experience that not many will be able to bring I know how to deal with new and challenging situations and would devote hours of time and love to be a part of the department. ---------------------- Do you have any references from the Police Force? No
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