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  1. Approved! Have a chat to the Events Team to finalize
  2. Hi Felix, Anything like this should be directed to support tickets or helpdesk. You can make a ticket by clicking on this link or by visiting our teamspeak at ts.ozzy.life and jumping into one of the need assistance rooms at the top. Post is now locked.
  3. Welcome! Let us know if we can help with anything
  4. Nice to meet you Proxy, welcome to OzzyGaming!
  5. Nice to see you join us! If you need any help feel free to message any of the staff in teamspeak, we're always happy to help.
  6. Hey mate welcome to the Community !
  7. Thanks for the kind comments, the staff team really appreciate when we know you're enjoying the service we provide. See you around!
  8. Welcome! Glad to see you've read the rules, not many do that before playing so well done Have a great time on our server and reach out if you need help with anything
  9. G'day Shams! Welcome to the community - although you've been here a while now... Hope you're enjoying yourself!
  10. Single Server will be specially launched for this event
  11. Brought to you by the OG Events & Development team... If you wish to take part in this event, meet in the event lobby before 8pm AEST. A thick yellow fog has lowered over Los Santos. Government and Emergency services agencies report that people are widely becoming infected with a viral illness. Symptoms include spontaneous and prolonged blood nose, bleeding from the ears, yellow tinted eyes, coughing blood, feverish conditions, loss of ability to communicate and or control motor functions normally. We contacted numerous city officials and but will not release more details. Civil defense advise that all civilians stay indoors and avoid contact with those infected. A military presence has been seen within the city limits and sources suggest more military personnel are being sent to the city. Updated two days later: The Department of Homeland Security on advisement from the HHS has upgraded the recent outbreak to an epidemic level. Civilians are advised to avoid all contact with any other persons where possible and to follow all military personnel instructions. An evacuation of all civilians from the city is now underway. All civilians are to proceed through marked walkways and checkpoints to arrive at a number of quarantine centers stationed around the city. Although Homeland Security officials will comment no further, we have received numerous reports of violence and riot across the city. It has been reported that military personnel have fired upon what seems to be infected persons although these reports are unconfirmed. Released the next day: EMERGENCY BROADCAST: THIS IS AN EMERGENCY ALERT MESSAGE. THIS IS NOT A TEST. A VIRAL OUTBREAK HAS OCCURRED IT IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS AND IS LETHAL. ALL CITIZENS ARE ADVISED TO STAY INDOORS. IF YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH A SICK INDIVIDUAL CONTACT THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL IMMEDIATELY AND QUARANTINE THOSE WHO PRESENT SYMPTOMS. SYMPTOMS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: SEIZURES, CONVULSING, COLD SKIN, SWEATING, ANGER, VIOLENT OUTBURSTS, BLEEDING FROM EYES, NOSE, MOUTH, EARS. THIS IS NOT A TEST. PLEASE NOTE: This is an RP event and all those who do not comply with GM/Admin rules will be removed from the event and banned from OzzyGaming services. Trolling will be dealt with by a minimum 1 month ban. Emergency Alert.mp4
  12. Welcome to OzzyGaming mate! Glad to see you join our community