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  1. Sounds like a fun idea! Any other suggestions for where you'd like to see this happen? What sort of rules should be implemented?
  2. we all know it'll be a hot mess
  3. Welcome Mr Zeerussain great to have you around. Feel free to ask for help whenever you need it
  4. Yeah sure have seen you around, welcome!
  5. Welcome Mate! If you have any suggestions or can help in any way for Exile feel free to put your hand up!
  6. Welcome to our community!
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen of OzzyGaming, welcome to the FiveM Events forum! Here is where we will post announcements, winners, event information and anything else related to FiveM Events. We encourage you to post suggestions in this forum too! If you have any ideas or are really just itching for us to host a particular event again you can create a topic in this forum and get peoples opinions! At the moment the events team is staff-only however I plan to open this up to community members in the future. This is only because staff members have more ability in game. Please do not think that because you are not part of the events team you cant run ideas past us. Again, I really encourage you to shout out at us for what events you want and we will try to make it happen!
  8. G'day Spreedo, Welcome to OzzyGaming! There are heaps of new people everyday and within no time you'll have found your footing and character development will happen. You can always strike a conversation with anyone from the staff team and usually our community members are happy to help too! Goodluck out there
  9. As for the vehicles...You can buy them sure. But it doesn't make them road legal. Just because you can buy something doesn't make it legal. You can drive it, but you'll probably get pulled over because it doesn't have plates. Much like IRL. You can buy neon lights, but they aren't road legal either. No one complains about that? As for crushing, Its not on the spot lets be real. Brodie was having a wee gag with you with that statement. Crushing is to deter trolls and Fail RP.
  10. We are aware there are issues, I've already released a statement about getting the fix underway. The cars were not supposed to be as nerfed as they were, from my understanding. The dev team would much rather support from the community right now rather than constant backlash. Lets not start pointing fingers and making comparisons when its an obvious mistake. Again, like I've said.
  11. Interesting. If any of you had read what Ive already posted, you'd know the vehicle edits were in error and OBVIOUSLY the truck shouldnt be faster than the BMW. THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT.
  12. Hi

    Welcome to OzzyGaming