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  1. - In Game Name: Nicole Kennedy - Steam Name: Spiky - Discord Name: Spiky#1495 (In Character Questions) - How long have you been on the Island? Since 11/05/2018 - Tell us about yourself and what you usually do on the Island (previous jobs etc.) I am usually being held hostage and used to work at Fisher Premium Motors as a Sales Rep. I lot of people know who I am, and I will believe that would help expand and spread the word about the Executive Protection Service. - Why do you believe you are suitable for a job in the Executive Protection Service? I believe that I am indeed suitable for this position as I have had to deal with multiple subjects while working as a Car Dealer and I have learnt a heap of skills from my cousin, Martin Donnelly - Leading Senior Constable for the NSW Police Force. I believe I can safely and securely keep people alive and make sure that there is always a safe environment. - Do you understand that at certain times in this line of work that your life may be on the line? I do understand the risks and fully accept them. - Do you agree to wear a Uniform? Yes I do agree to wear any uniform I must. - Should your application be successful, Do you agree to participate in a training session to see if you are suitable for this line of work? I do as well agree to completing a training session. -Thankyou so much for this opportunity to write an application -Spiky
  2. This community is great, and will become better. than any other.
  3. LEO's should win most shoot outs, thus, Police should stay with the cross-hair to aid them in doing their job, but Criminals should have to be skillful in weaponry to be able to out-shoot the opposing Officers. If one were to start such illegal activity that it is punished by lethal force, then they should be damaged (taught a lesson). However, if the players conducting this illegal activity gains from this then good for them, they can aim. With all this said, I am going to have to vote NO to cross-hairs being added for everyone, LEO's are the only ones I think should be able to use them.
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