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  1. Thanks for the update Boss!
  2. I dont believe this has been done before meaning this would be a first 😉 Would this be something the developers could design, even if a more basic system was used?
  3. Royal banking, the largest most trusted bank in Los Santos. Royal Banking is a business that makes life easier, give you the things you want/need. Living in the city of Los Santos can be quite expensive, many residents of Los Santos are finding it hard to make money. They have been struggling with rent, grocery's, transportation, medical bills, the list goes on. We want to improve every single business in Los Santos, we want to generate income for all businesses. We want to give the new residents the tools/vehicles to be able to come and work instantly and "legally". Loans We give the people of Los Santos loans, they must talk to our professional employees prior to being approved. Loan Requirements Credit Check Employment status 20% Deposit of approved loan amount. Loan questions How much time do you need to repay the loan? How much money do you need? What does your credit profile look like? How will you use the money? How will you repay the loan? Loan System **Example** Barry Martin walks into the bank with $40,000 He requires a loan for $200,000 to purchase a new vehicle for work purposes Loan requirements have been met Loan questions have been answered Barry Martin Has been approved Barry has chosen he will pay off the $200,000 in 1 week He must pay the 20% interest ($40,000) before receiving the loan Barry Martin Pays the 20% fee and walks out the bank with $200,000 A direct deposit of $28571 will come out each day for 1 week. Barry martin has the option of paying off the loan quicker if funds are available Barry Martin has now paid off his loan and completely owns the vehicle. **Example** New Residents For the new people (1 - 3 days) of Los Santos, we would like to offer a $20,000 interest free loan. This will enable them to be involved with the community right from the beginning and start their RP experience. Positions Branch Owner: Barry Hall (1) Branch Manager: Tba (1) Loan Officer: Tba (3) Depending on how busy we are, more members of the community may need to be employed. Uniform Business Attire Suits Shirt + Slacks Security Royal banking works closely with the skilled team at Gruppe 6 Security. If there is no security present and a bank robbery has started, all employees must be trained to handle such circumstance. Our aim is to minimize any harm done to customers, employees and emergency workers. Requested Location We plan to work from the 2 offices upstairs at the pacific standard bank as pictured above. Business Goals Our Goal at Royal Banking & Loans is to create a profitable business that will involve a positive role-playing experience with our customers. Profits will be used to hire security, employees and host events to get the community together. Thank-you for Reviewing this business.