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  1. I thoroughly am pleased with this server. The administration here is always ready to take care things, no matter how long it takes them and I appreciate that. Thanks for all the hard work you put in.
  2. Since learned over $200,000 is required for 90% of (worth buying) cars. I will be back to buy that car, another year
  3. Yo everybody, new RPer here, 25 and do abit of Graphic Design and shit and plan on streaming eventually. If you guys see me walkin' in-game around in red, hmu. Might leave a sidenote. Having a garaged car is pretty much, like putting a bed down for permanence & to feel at home, besides I hate stealing cars. So for any car dealers that read this, hop on anytime this weekend and ill be waiting with $60,000 or more. Hope i see everyone out on the streets!