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OzzyGaming Altis Life has been released! Jump on and try it out! Police & EMS are recruiting - Police Whitelisting ApplicationsEMS Whitelisting Applications. Please make sure you are up to date with the Server Rules.


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  1. Cheers guys I have read threw the rules etc I have a base understanding I'll jump on today and see I'd I can find a couple people to give me a hand and show me the ropes
  2. Cheers for everything guy first day didnt end to well got sent to jail Haha absolutely loving it now I just need to make a couple friends to play with Haha
  3. That you so much for that I didnt no expect this much help what so ever. I'm going to jump on in a few hours and see what I can figure out . But now I have a base idea in what to do I should be sweet thank you very much!!
  4. Hey guys I dont even know if this is the right place to be putting this but I have just discovered gta rp but sadly I have no idea what I'm doing or where to even start. Just looking for some help/advice and people to play with thanks for reading
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