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  1. I have tried joining both servers and it still stops on the same thing...
  2. Clearing the cache made no difference what so ever, I have tried re-installing FiveM completely and that still didnt work...
  3. Hi Man I can now connect but it gets stuck on the message below and it will not download past that... Downloading fivem-map-hipster (37 of 182 - 0.00/0.01 MiB) Thanks!
  4. Hello Everyone! I am new to this community and I just want to the process in place to start playing on the severs... I have always been into LSPDFR and roleplay in general and I am wanting to get into some of the multiplayer stuff now. I have downloaded fiveM and I can see the server on there, be it keeps on coming up with an error when I try to join. Thanks for the help! Your friendly neighbourhood Elf!