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  1. Now the server has more devs then in the last couple of months and they are experienced in what needs to be done.
  2. I understand that point but I personally just have no interest when it come to developing games. If a time comes where I am needed to do some part then I would but for right now it's not something I'm intending to do.
  3. Myself not being a Dev I don't know all the in and outs of how things work so I can't give an exact time of when things will be done but with the work intended it may take a few weeks. With more servers in the mix and people having not a lot of motivation for Altis Life we don't want to rush things out to where people only get a short enjoyment from it.
  4. There will be a few additions to rules on how groups of people conduct business in the form of hostile RP and how hostile RP is conducted in general. I will also review few other rules that from my experience has caused issues in the past. I am happy to hear any input from members, I am in TS most days so we can discuss the matter.