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  1. Changed: Chop shops fixed Silicon fixed Gold license fixed Blue SUV skin fixed Price adjustments for some police ammo EMS can now pull out helicopters at hospitals ARCO added to rebel store Police radars now work Added fuel truck
  2. Changed: MK 18 added to rebel Reduced prices of weapons at rebel Strider and Ifrit added to rebel Police Promet & Shotgun ammo price reduced Stopped hiding things at rebel north Added a spawn point at SPG base Removed timer when loading in (oops) Added MK20 and TRG21 to police store Reduced safezone sizes Added city zones Fixed issue where you could not invite more than 1 person to a group Removed increased fuel consumption (it is now default) Removed stripping option (has some duping issues) Fixed oil Fixed issues with garaging helicopters for EMS and Police Fixed missing textures on billboards Fixed support not being able to godmode or compensate Added PDW to the civ gunstore Removed no damage in vehicles
  3. Sorry, mister boss man. I'll stop replying to your posts
  4. Leak a character from my password for every mistake in the picture. I dare you!
  5. I'll have you know I am the definition of mistake
  6. Hello. I just found this community and it looks interesting, will be keeping on eye on what happens. If anyone wants to play minesweeper I'm always open.
  7. "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator"

  8. Hello Capone, it's been awhile since I've seen you here.
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