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  1. If ozzy decided to bring out an ARK server how many of you would play?
  2. I've spoken to Ryan and we will be looking into possibly adding a OzzyGaming Ark server. Nothing confirmed yet.
  3. ill have a chat to @Ryan King and if enough people are interested ill see what i can do.
  4. What rates and mods would you be looking for @Evoz @Chris Evans @JasGames
  5. Secret Service 1.0 Purposes Protection Missions: Protective missions can be requested by any sort of high value targets such as Business leaders, Police Department Heads, Event Leaders and gods if necessary. The secret service will carry out any protection contracts with weapons, bullet resistant vehicles and highly trained agents. During the contracts the secret service can partner with law enforcement if situations begin to turn into something more than we can handle this is so we can provide the highest quality protection for our customers. Investigation Missions: Investigation mission can be initiated by medium to high ranking agents in the secret service, we can collaborate with the police detective unit in order to assist them in providing intelligence to make investigations easier. We range from investigating fraud to counterterrorism and drug trafficking. 2.0 Rank System 2.1 Junior Agent Junior Agent is a trial rank for current secret service to evaluate the junior agent’s performance to decide whether he/she joins or gets removed. 2.2 Agent This is the starting rank, it will be used to let new agents get use to the working environment of the secret service. Once the agent has proved he/she can carry out secret service missions they will be promoted to the next rank. 2.3 Senior Agent Senior agent is seen as a commanding rank, he/she should be able to start and carry out mission with no troubles. 2.4 Head Agent - Silverback Head Agent is apart of the command in the secret service, they will assist the director in any decisions she makes. They will also be a rank that lower agents can report any issues they have had to. 2.5 Director – Delacey Director is the highest rank in the secret service, they will have the final decision in any situation. They will overlook the secret service and make any changes if necessary. 3.0 Base The secret service will occupy the Whitehouse building north of los Santos, this will be our headquarters and the place we will begin our missions. The mod we will use to occupy this place is https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/the-white-house-menyoo-custom-props.
  6. um you asked for opinions, you got mine.
  7. Hello ozzygaming, I am very proud to announce our release of OzzyGaming CS:GO 2.0, as we didn't have a very successful release last time the CS:GO development team as worked together to bring to you a new and improved server. We have had a good start with hitting around 8 players in our first week of launch, we will also be expanding to Minigames, bhop, 1v1 and possibly a jailbreak server in the near future. If you are interested in staffing on any of the servers listed you can apply in the applications section of the forums. If you enjoy playing CS:GO and would like to support the server in other ways you can join and play by searching "ozzygaming" in the list of community servers. I would also like to introduce @Snooked he will be Senior admin on the CS:GO server and will be assisting me with development. Thank you.
  8. Welcome to the forums @Toad_au
  9. Welcome to the forums @MATRIX
  10. Welcome @Bendacat
  11. Hello @End0 welcome to the forums!