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  1. I revoke my vote. Thats a solid neg on playing a scum server.
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  3. Goodluck @Brodie H, hope everything is well.
  4. um you asked for opinions, you got mine.
  5. Hello ozzygaming, I am very proud to announce our release of OzzyGaming CS:GO 2.0, as we didn't have a very successful release last time the CS:GO development team as worked together to bring to you a new and improved server. We have had a good start with hitting around 8 players in our first week of launch, we will also be expanding to Minigames, bhop, 1v1 and possibly a jailbreak server in the near future. If you are interested in staffing on any of the servers listed you can apply in the applications section of the forums. If you enjoy playing CS:GO and would like to support the server in other ways you can join and play by searching "ozzygaming" in the list of community servers. I would also like to introduce @Snooked he will be Senior admin on the CS:GO server and will be assisting me with development. Thank you.
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