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  1. Absolutely unacceptable but seeing as you're here now, thanks LMAO
  2. Well no one replied yet so I thought I would. best car salesperson around had some funny rp sessions 😂 10/10 would purchase from you again
  3. Welcome to the community bud. See you in game sometime ☺️
  4. Great servers great community! Couldn’t ask for better to be honest. Glad to be a part of it
  5. Thanks for making these mate. They look awesome and make great signatures.
  6. I am looking forward to this game! Looks amazing so far
  7. Hi, new to the forums here but have played on Ozzie Gamings Arma Life servers in the past and thought I'd give their FiveM a shot. Been playing GTA V since release on consoles and then pre purchased the pc edition. Have a love for it. Love the old server wars online and want to try something new with RP. Look forward to seeing you all online!