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  1. I personally would have to disagree with you as this change was definitely not a bad change. The fact that you are unable to shoot from your car has brought a lot more Rp to the server. The fact that you feel no longer being able to shoot from your vehicle is a 'large chunk of gameplay' removed from the server clearly shows me what your idea of 'roleplay' is. I think you should try talking to people more and not getting into shootouts as much. The only people that are negatively affect by this change are people that are terrible at Rp and try to compensate for that by starting hostile Rp with others.

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  2. In roleplay a snow plow doesn't really make sense for rapid repo, On the pure fact rapid repo is a vehicle repossession company not a company that offers road maintenance services. it would be cool to see but I don't think there is any business currently that would make sense to be given a snow plow, Maybe police at a stretch but police don't do road maintenance. 

  3. Jacob Potty's Business Ownership Application
    Application ID #8830
    Submitted on 04/10/21 at 01:53:41 PM

    What is the name you are most know by?
    Jacob Potty
    Please link your OzzyGaming account
    What is your Discord #?
    Jacob Potty#3996
    Have you read, understood, and agree to the business ownership rules?
    Which Business would you like to apply for?
    Los Santos Customs
    Where do you wish to be based?
    Do you require a custom interior?
    What is your characters first and last name?
    Tyrone Diamond
    Please outline your characters backstory that is applying for this business
    The life of Tyrone started out a long time ago he was born late in 1988 into a small family with an African American father and a Columbian mother that lived in Staunton Island. When I was born I was known as Juan Esteban due to my Columbian heritage and the fact my family was fully involved with the Columbian mafia. Everything was going as you would expect for a mixed-race kid in a mafia family that was until the age of 9 when my parents were gunned down by Yakuza gang members in retaliation for the murder of Yakuza leader Kenji Kasen. The loss of my parents drove me into a life of crime and drugs. By the age of 15, I was one of the most feared and dangerous members of the Columbian cartel where I specialized in punishing evil people with an arrow to the knee. Everything in my life turned upside down at age 18 when I was involved in a spank shipment gown bad at the Francis International Airport. I went down to FIA to send out the weekly spank shipment to our drug contacts in Liberty City when someone had tipped the FIB about the deal. Next thing you know I'm surrounded by somewhere between 20-30 FIB officers, the only thing I could do is give up in that situation. As you would expect I was arrested for drug trafficking where I was eventually sentenced to 15 years in a maximum-security prison.
    While I was in prison I participated in numerous rehabilitation programs, The two notable ones were a mechanical course and a business course. I spent 15 years trying to perfect my craft in light vehicle mechanical and business, as prison made me realize gang life is no life to live. When it came time to leave prison I had achieved a master in mechanical engineering, I wanted to use the degree as a new stepping stone in the right direction in my life. Now 33 im out of prison and wanted to take the next step in moving on so I decided to change my name legally from Juan Esteban to Tyrone Diamond and move to Los Santos for a new start after prison. With the small amount of money to my name, I rented a small apartment in a motel in the south of LS and started looking for jobs. I applied for every job possible but only one business gave me a callback and that was Rapid Repossessions. I loved the new job, I spent 5 months working at rapid repo and loved every minute of it. That was until one fateful day where I was parked on the side of the highway in my tow truck taking a business call when I had 5 teen hoodlums with high-powered pistols and bats. They ordered me out of the truck and robbed me of everything I had, they even took my bread. Before they left they took a bat and hit me on the left leg many times breaking it really badly. The injuries sustained and the mental scarring I took from that situation forced me to leave my job at rapid repo and look for a new job. This leg injury was bad so I couldn't walk for a long time, that's when I remembered the business courses I completed in prison as I'm sure I can sit behind a desk if I can find a nice desk job. That is what led to me applying for a job at weazel news as a creative officer. I was surprised to hear back from Mark Williams the next day about going in for an interview. Three days later I went for an interview and smashed it and the next day I had the job. During my time at weasel I have done a lot of fun stuff beside Mark, including recording pilots for a reboot of fame or shame and once I was healed we rode along with police in numerous operations which made for very good footage that showed the good work the police do in the community. I love working at weazel but with every passing day my urge to get under the bonnet of a car and get to work grows bigger and bigger. We are now at the present day where I still currently work at weasel news but am looking to bring life back to LSC.

    What does your character wish to accomplish with this business?
    I want to bring an enjoyable safe community back to LSC where people can bring their cars to hand out and show off in a completely safe environment. Aswell as that I want it to be a more enjoyable place for police and EMS to go. As I know when ems go there everyone is asking for pain killers because they get in alot of fights and you wouldn't be surprised if you use 15 pain killers when you enter LSC. When it comes to police I want them to enjoy their LSC experience as police deal with a lot of crap from people and I want them to come to a place where they are loved and not treated with disrespect. I want it to be a neutral business that treats everyone that applies and works at LSC as equals and not give preference on orge relations or friendships.

    Employee of the week - whichever employee gains the most profit from a 1 week period will receive a lump sum bonus on top of the profit they made from the week plus they will receive full free upgrades for one vehicle. The lump sum will be decided by a vote by the management team.

    Customer of the month - whichever customer has spent the most money in a month period will receive 100k and will be given a bronze membership for the following month.

    Customer membership program - each month a customer will pay a subscription fee to receive free cosmetic upgrades and a percentage off all other upgrades. They will also go in the running for a monthly members raffle.

    Bronze - 50k for one month of free cosmetic upgrades and 5% off all other upgrades
    Silver - 100k for one month of free cosmetic upgrades and 10% off all other upgrades
    Gold - 150k for one month of free cosmetic upgrades and 15% off all other upgrades
    Platinum - 200k for one month of free cosmetic upgrades and 20% off all other upgrades

    Roadside Assistance - LSC will run a roadside assistance program. We will offer towing and roadside repairs. The towing prices will be varied depending on the distance the vehicle is taken. The vehicles used for towing will be the LSC tow truck or the LSC car carrier.
    The roadside assistance program will also offer roadside repairs and roadside refueling. The vehicle to be used is the nrma truck. All services will be free if the person is a silver membership holder or above.

    Uniform Policy

    Business Partnerships
    If i'm given LSC i will be trying to have meetings with the following business about some sort of partnership. I will be open to discussions with any other business not mentioned below but the list below are the first i will be contacting.
    NSW police Force
    NSW Ambulance service
    NSW Lotto
    Gruppe 6 Security
    Sunshine Autos

    - Weekly car judging events winner of each weekly event in a month is judged against each other and given a second major prize.
    - Car raffles
    - Legal street races

    - Dirt racing events
    - Drag racing events

    Please outline how your staff will be paid
    Pay Rate Percentages of Total Sales for Staff:
    Ownership: 85%
    Management: 85%
    Senior Mechanic: 75%
    Mechanic: 65%
    Junior Mechanic: 55%
    Apprentice: 50%

    Payments will be made weekly. Staff will be required to do a minimum amount of sales to achieve the minimum work requirement to be paid for the week
    Is your application for an existing business?
    If you answered yes above, what will your character do differently with the business?
    I will look to create a different and more safe atmosphere around LSC as i've never seen an issue with the mechanics the thing that hampered LSC is what goes on outside LSC with people fighting and loitering outside the business as EMS would go there and be constantly bugged for pain killers, everytime ems would go to LSC they would easily use 10+ pain killers because of the bad people and action that lsc sat back and let happen outside the business. When it comes to police I want them to come to LSC to get modifications to their vehicle without the fear of being shot or assaulted. I feel my vast experience in management will help me to better manage the business as well as the going ons outside the business as i want it to be a safe place where everyone can come chill no matter who you work for. The last thing is I will try my best to keep orge decisions outside of the business as I thought the last group that ran LSC let the orge stuff influence the business too much, I just want it to be a place everyone accepted.
    Have you owned a business in our community before?
    If you answered yes above, which business did you own?


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