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  1. I’m still here ;/

  2. I’m still here :3 Ozzygaming is growing incredibly fast! Good job!
  3. Hallo and Welcome! :3 Yet to go to Los Santos myself
  4. Now I’m not the most active here no more but that is an awesome userbar! :3
  5. Hello Mr Pisscan, Welcome to Ozzygaming!
  6. Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltisssssssssssssssssssssss Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaife

  7. Altis Life is dead I guess. I'm actually quite impressed how the remaining managers revived OzzyGaming with FiveM - with such a huge bullet to the community. Honestly, I want Altis Life. I can't cope playing on other Altis Life servers because your basically playing KOTH, gangs over gangs, even the police are getting involved. Honestly (X2) I say Altis Life is long gone, it was part of the past - I do want Altis Life, but its gone and wont gather population like we hope. Maybe one last try with the mad amounts of donations coming in for the servers. I'm not sure at this point. OzzyGaming (before FiveM) needed a change. Desperately needed one. Altis Life players found was quite repetitive at this point. (truck missions, police pull you over, you get fined, alt f4, come back, get robbed by a gang, alt f4 again, got bored checked the forums, look at dat someone brought up PMC again, REPEAT). FiveM did the job. I'm not saying Altis Life is disbanded from revival, I'm saying I'm out of hope as I was one of the 10 people that lasted until the very shutdown of the server.
  8. Community Member is a dev my friend, Stuff the smelly subscribers
  9. I personally don’t like apple and like Samsung. I recommend those fonez but if you need something even better, the iAltis is the way to the future. If you haven’t figured out my friend, (nao salt) apple ran ran out of ideas.
  10. Yeah @KrazE. So Krazy. I'm funny.
  11. Why does some newcomer gets snr assistant commissioner? Bullshit.
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