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  1. G'day Gamers, Today we are announcing a significant change to our community standards. Historically, we have permitted players as young as 13 to play on the server. We have become increasingly uncomfortable with this age group being exposed to the topics, attitudes and content expressed in roleplay which is not intended for a young audience. Unfortunately, the youngest members of our community have a discernible impact on the roleplay around them. Despite 13-15 year olds being less than 15% of our population, this group is overrepresented in reports and moderation mostly due to the lower
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  2. In this handbook is to help you understand how to properly call and interact with an EMS. 1. If you call, call just once! The last thing an EMS officer wants is getting messages from one person all the time, We will get to you ASAP. Send just one message.I assure you, EMS will respond even to just one message. If you send more than one message it can Disrupt Dispatch. We cannot know if the call is from the same person or another. 2. Text EMS the exact and short information needed! DO NOT SEND BLANK MESSAGES as it will NOT be responded too. No such mes
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