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    New punishment process and requirements for staff These take effect today (22/03/20) as of this post being made. It has come to Management’s attention that we have some recurring issues with players on the server. To address this, we are issuing the following instructions to our staff. This is predominately for our FiveM server but applies in principle to all our services. We have seen a small section of the community which have pages of warnings and far too many temporary bans, we do not appreciate people who keep flaunting the system so this is aimed to address this. We would rather have 50 solid players than 100 legion square trolls. - All staff must refer to the bans and warnings of players before a decision on punishment is made - this has always been the case but we will be scrutinising this closely. - All bans will now escalate in duration and they will not be shorter than the longest recent ban. - ‘Recent ban’ and ‘recent warning’ will now apply to all within 3 months. Bans will only be issued with the following durations: 6 hours (Minimum - first ban) 12 hours 1 day 3 days 1 week (Minimum - second ban) 2 weeks 1 month (Minimum - third ban) 3 months Permanent - A maximum of 3 temporary bans will be placed (within 3 months) before the player is considered on ‘final warning’. - Players on final warning will now extend to any player with a recent ban of a month or longer. - Any player who breaches a final warning will receive a permanent ban. - Temporary bans are to be a minimum of double the last recent ban. - All permanent bans appeals must have manager+ approval to reduce to temporary. - Minor breaches will result in a warning, a second warning may be granted in exceptionally minor infractions - instead of a third warning a ban will be issued. - All warnings/bans will be considered universal to an account (i.e. they are no longer rule dependent) - Ban appeals of low quality or effort will now be automatically denied - no further information or questions are required. - Three consecutive failed ban appeals will result in a forum ban (no further appeals) unless specifically instructed otherwise by a manager+. Finally, any variation to the above must be authorised by a manager+ and this will be added to the player’s notes for future reference. This may seem an overly harsh line by the staff team but there are plenty of opportunities for players to improve before facing significant punishments. We will also be using this as an opportunity to crack down on the quality of roleplay (not to be confused with requiring hardcore roleplay - we do not require hyper-realism). We have decided to release this information for the community and not just our staff team in an effort to smooth the transition - and not put the onus solely on our staff team. You may now consider yourself forewarned. This should encourage those of you who do silly things because you are 'bored' to behave with the other players around you in mind; you are ruining their roleplay and that isn't acceptable. We are still a welcoming community for newcomers but a certain minimum level of respect for others and our server needs to be maintained. We will also be introducing a few more initiatives to try and improve the experience for new players without negatively effecting the more experienced players. Further information to come soon on that. Regards, Molotov On behalf of the OzzyGaming Management team.
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    Howdy All, We are excited to announce a refreshed program of recognising and supporting content creators (Twitch Streamers) within the OzzyGaming community. We know that people love watching their favourite online creators just as much as actually playing the games themselves, which is why it is important we support those who strive to entertain others. This program offers content creators exposure and recognition within the community as well as potential access to perks that will improve the experience of their viewers. We will now support 2 levels of content creators; Community Content Creators & Verified Content Creators which I will explain below. Community Content Creator status can be granted to any member of the community who streams or uploads videos from OzzyGaming hosted servers. These creators are generally not able to access any significant perks in-game and this role is simply a way to advertise the fact that you are a streamer so people can check out your content. This role can also be granted to any other significant streamer who cannot accept our additional verified requirements. You will have an identifiable role in TeamSpeak + Discord and be able to post in the “#live_streaming” discord, as well as access to a private content creator discord channel. Requirements to apply: - While streaming append “[LIVE]” to your name in TeamSpeak (if online) - Not bring OzzyGaming into disrepute or talk of the community in a negative light, except where it is constructive feedback or criticism - Stream/Upload OzzyGaming content on a regular basis - Avoid advertising other FiveM servers while engaging in the OzzyGaming Community - Have 1 month experience on the server including multiple streams or videos on the server prior to applying - Avoid streaming any dealings with staff such as in helpdesk - Maintain good standing in the community and be held to a high standard of following server rules, with no recent warnings or bans on your account Verified Content Creator status is reserved for streamers or youtubers with significant channels. As a rough benchmark this would be consistently having above an average of 10 viewers on stream or 100 views per video upload. To be verified, creators must agree to an additional set of OzzyGaming terms in return for access to perks and benefits to assist them in their streams. You will also have access to the "Live on Twitch Now" role in discord which will place you at the top of the memberlist for people to see. Additional Requirements for Verified Content Creators: - Must use either “OzzyGaming” in the stream title or use one of the provided logos as an overlay on stream - Reinvest any perks back into roleplay/entertainment purposes - Make OzzyGaming your exclusive server for FiveM content The Perks verified content creators receive are to be negotiated with server management and are issued on an individual case by case basis, you are not guaranteed any specific perks. OzzyGaming management have full discretion over perks and they may be stopped or withdrawn at any time for any reason. Types of possible perks include: - Access to streamer priority in queue - FiveM cash to reduce grind time in front of audience - Free or discounted subscriptions for yourselves or giveaways on stream - Development/Organisation of events - Access to vehicles - Other perks as discussed individually Applications are now open here and will be reviewed by a member of management as soon as possible. We kindly ask any current content creators to re-apply to confirm acceptance of the updated terms. As community manager, I will be the main contact for content creators (@Zaydan) so please send me a DM here on the website or via discord (proffered) if you have any further questions. We look forward to seeing your streams! - Zaydan OzzyGaming Community Manager/Executive Additional T&Cs OzzyGaming does not enter into any formal agreements with content creators nor enter into any official partnerships. This program is aimed at being mutually beneficial exposure for the community as a whole and the individual content creators. Creators are under no obligation to compliment OzzyGaming or advertise any donation/subscription packages and are advised to provide their audience with a factual, unbiased commentary of the server. By applying to be a verified or community content creator, you agree to our conditions as stated above. OzzyGaming Management have full discretion over adding or removing members from the content creator role for any reason at any time. Any discussions regarding content creator perks are to be kept confidential.
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    Welcome to the long version of the 2.4 update change-log. Before I dive into the changes, I'd like to thank @Delexicalfor his contribution to our project. He may not have been with us for too long. However, he still devoted a reasonable amount of time to the development of our FiveM server. With that being said, I would just like to re-iterate that all of our game developers, may they be scripters, map developers, or vehicle developers are volunteers. They are not paid for their contribution to our community due to FiveM community restrictions, so please send some praise their way if you enjoy their work, it definitely boosts motivation. Numerous optimisations for all scripts Major updates have been made to how many scripts operate to reduce the load on the server and the client. This may not be very apparent due to strange GTA 5 bottle-necking during normal play, but should result in a smoother gaming experience and much fewer frame drops or hiccups. It will also be more obvious in situations where your client is under a lot of extra load. Numerous map objects have been replaced (see list further down) to remove the less optimised current objects, this should reduce the texture loss issues around certain locations too. Player Action Menu Update (Tilde menu) The player action menu has received a functional and cosmetic update. In future updates, we plan on moving all job functions that were previously available in the list menus to this menu, this should hopefully make things more user friendly. For this update, Police, EMS, and Mechanics have had their list menu functions largely ported over. We have also added functions that have been requested many times. This should hopefully aid in managing prisoners and people who are incapacitated. We have also added two ways of opening the menu, first, simply pressing the tilde key will open the root menu. Secondly, if you hold the tilde key for one second, it will skip the root menu and open the job actions (for more user friendly access). Below is a list of what has been added (please note that these actions will be in their respective categories in the menu itself): Force player into a vehicle (if restrained) Force player out of a vehicle (if restrained) Force player into the boot (if restrained) Force player out of the boot (if restrained) Drag player (if restrained) Unflip vehicle Check ID (Police/EMS only) Search a player (Police only) Ticket a player (Police only) Manage a players licenses (Police only) Open the corrections menu (Police only) Impound vehicle (Police and Mechanics only) Seize vehicle (Police only) Open medical records (EMS only) Clean Vehicle (Mechanic only) Send a bill (Mechanic only). New Emergency Light System The current emergency light system is being replaced. We are now going to be utilising a simpler and more optimised version of emergency lights as GTA 5 intended them to be used. As it currently stands, having more than three emergency services vehicles in one area causes massive frame loss, hence why we have decided to make the change. With this update, we have had to find replacement vehicles for our fleet. Some models will remain the same. However, other models had to be removed due to their incompatibility with our new system. Rest assured a lot of the classics remain, and a few fun new vehicles have been added. Each department will release updated vehicle documentation concerning the details of the new fleet. Police CAD Updates The Police CAD has received a moderate update to how it operates. As we've been creating, modifying, and fixing related CAD/Police functions, we have decided to move a lot of content over to the CAD itself. Below is a shortlist of new and ported features: Priority cooldown has been entirely redone and is now controlled with various buttons Backup codes are now exclusively controlled with various buttons High priority backup codes will now automatically be added as a call, subsequent updates to location should utilise the "Update location" button instead of a new call for backup (to avoid duplicates) A simple wanted list had been added as a new CAD page. When looking up a civilian, you may add them to the wanted list. If a player is wanted, and their ID is searched by an officer, they will be prompted with noticeable red text on their profile that they are wanted. Officers can view everybody on the wanted list in the new wanted list tab Officers can now add and remove criminal records remotely When looking up a vehicle number plate, officers will be prompted if that particular vehicle has been reported stolen (more on this in the vehicle update section) A new notification system has been added for the CAD to utilise, this should be clean and easy to see. Further Police Updates We have also ported the functionality of some menu action to items. Below is a list of actions that are now handled with items. In some instances, this can be handy as the hot bar will offer a hotkey for actions that otherwise had to be navigated to via the tilde menu. Handcuffs Lockpick Body armour (Wasn't previously in a menu. However, I'll pop this in here anyway). Departments actions are now available depending on your respective department levels, these values are now stored in our database. Department commanders, police cabinet, and staff members have permission to set these in-game with the following command: /setpd [playerid] [department] [department grade]. For example /setpd 244 hwp 4. The ALPR has also been updated. We're now using a modified version of the Wraith ARS. This system is pretty awesome, and has extensive player documentation as to how to operate the functions. Press f5 in-game to open it, the documentation can be found in the interface. EMS Updates EMS have had rather minor updates. With the migration of list menu actions to the tilde menu, we have also made certain items usable rather than having to navigate the menu at all. Below is a list of new usable items (all of these items are used on a target, not the source player): Medkit Bandage Painkillers Splint Medical Restraints. Mechanic Updates Similarly to the Police and EMS updates, In addition to the menu items migrated to the tilde menu, Mechanics now have a few items available in their shops that they can acquire through an item dispenser. If you are a mechanic, you cannot miss this in your respective shop as it is marked with a circle. These items are non-consumable and can be used in, and outside of a vehicle. I would recommend using them inside of the vehicle as Onesync is quite unreliable when manipulating a vehicle from the outside. The following items can be found in the item dispensary: Lockpick Repair kit Gasoline canister. Vehicle Garage Updates We have re-created the vehicle garage system. This was done largely due to the limitations of the previous menu itself and the amount of vehicles that are constantly left out. The changes are as follow: New custom built UI UI type will change depending on the garage location No limits on how many vehicles you can have in your garage When taking a vehicle out of your garage, it will be marked as "active in the world". The vehicle won't be retrievable unless it is returned to the garage If your vehicle is stolen, you can go back to the garage and report it stolen. If a police officer or mechanic impound it, this will return it to the garage If your vehicle has been reported stolen, and an officer looks the plate up on the Police CAD, it will notify them that the vehicle is stolen If the police impound a vehicle that has not been reported stolen, that vehicle will go to the impound Active and stolen vehicles will return to your garage when the server restarts. Impound cost has been increased to $2,000 Repair at garage has been increased to $1,500 Further Vehicle Updates In an attempt to keep the map clear burnt vehicle carcasses and such, all undriveable vehicles will be deleted automatically. This usually means water damaged vehicles and burnt vehicles. This is largely a test to see how well the script does in tracking and handling these vehicles, so it remains to be seen whether or not this change will stay. We have also added some cool new particle effects to the car wash. New Y Menu We have added a new Y menu. This menu deals with clothing, assessors, and hair. There isn't a whole lot to explain here, but I can tell you that is is pretty awesome. If you have a certain type of long hair, this script allows you to tie up your hair, or let it loose. You can also take any piece of clothing off and put it back on at your leisure (it isn't buggy like the current system as it detects what clothing you have on when you toggle an item rather than going off your database clothing values). There is much to explore here, but I'll let you guys come across this. Business Updates Due to how incredibly trash the default business management scripts are for normal ESX servers, we've decided to scrap the lot. Or, rather, disable it temporarily. In its place, there will be a few commands to be use whilst our new UI is created for business owners. Development has already begun on this, and if you are lucky, you might be able to catch @Ryan King developing this live on his twitch channel (Check him out here). The following new commands are: /bwithdraw [amount] (withdraw from business account) /bdeposit [amount] (deposit into business account). Previous commands have been released in older versions of our server and are still available for business owners to use. Further, in the realm of business, we're proud to announce the opening of a new mechanic business, Los Santos Customs! This new business will be replacing Outlaw Garage, and will be lead by @soleKEFS, if you're interested in keeping up with this business and just some great roleplay in general, consider checking out his twitch channel! (Check him out here). Organisation Updates Not much to report here that most of you probably already know. However, we've introduced two new organisations, the outcasts, and the brothers. On update, they will have access to their nifty organisation HQ's. We won't tell you where they are, but if you are lucky (or unlucky?) enough to see them, they are pretty cool. Inventory Updates The inventory has received a small functional and cosmetic update. Instead of the ugly box that displays what job you have, it now will display your job neatly underneath your character name in a spot that makes more sense. Additionally, we have decided to add 9 hot bar slots. We also noticed that the hot bar was quite a lot larger than it needed to be, so we've scaled down the size. Those of you with high screen resolutions should still be able to see the hot bar just fine. The style of the UI has slightly changed too. Instead of dragging items into invisible item slots, these slots are now well defined and easy to locate. Also, when using an item it will automatically close the UI. Loading Screen Updates The loading screen has received a bit of a make over. We've added new songs, new screenshots, new quotes, and a new style. We have also re-added our custom steam information (to my knowledge, there isn't a server today that operates with the same functionality #custom). if any of you have any quote suggestions, screen shot submissions, or song requests, please contact @Zaydan. Player Spawn Updates The spawn camera has been replaced. We've added something a little different that I am sure a few of you will appreciate. It can be quite annoying watching the same old sky camera. We've also seemingly fixed the issue with players constantly spawning under that map. We have also added back a modified version of our anti combat logging script. If a player logs out whilst dead, they will spawn in and have their inventory automatically wiped, and a harsher death tax applied. However, they will not be killed, and any prior situations must be treated as if a respawn had occurred. Mapping Updates New Sandy PD New Paleto PD SSA has been reskinned New Sunshine Autos building Reapers clubhouse has been redone New Forgiven MC clubhouse New Henhouse club New Paleto city hall New Sandy city hall New Paleto hardware store Beekers and surrounding areas has been redone New Weasel news building New Vagos safe house New Captain Jacks restaurant New Hookies bar New Church New dodgy clinic LS Customs has been redone New LSIA race track New Paleto/Chilliad forest New Bean Machine New Gym Probably many more... Misc Updates Priority cooldown has been re-made. It will now update players who join after it has been called. It also utilises a new design New health/armour/food/water/stamina hud has been added. This is not placed where the GTA 5 health and armour bars would usually be Compass and street names is now located, with a new style, next to the map Renamed the "trucking manifest" to "GPS" so that it is less confusing Saving/picking clothing outfits now cost less money Renamed Lottery Co. to San Andeas Lottery Fixed the launch trajectory for players who do not have their seat belt on and decide to crash Treasure hunting now gives the correct reset chip Fixed the weapon wheel periodically appearing when pressing tab Fixed the landscaping animation Fixed an exploit with the black market (we will be catching up the the folk who abused this) Fixed the proximity for /showbadge /togglehud now actually hides all HUD elements, for police, it will also hide the CAD notifications Removed /bike. This was for the best, I am sure we all understand this Aligned a whole lot of list menus to the bottom-right hand side of the screen All stores now sell cellphones Cellphone hotkey has been removed, players can still drag a cellphone to a hotkey and use it that way New blip icons have been added, we would like player feedback on these Pressing "P" or "CTRL" whilst in the cellphone message input box will no longer set you in the prone/crouch state Vanilla Unicorn now has a new skin Added a whole lot of new female and male clothing Added a few new female hair styles Temporarily disabled the store robbery script Running and jumping now has a chance to trip you over (LOL) Added new Fleeca bank robberies (this robbery require a couple of items from the black market). P.s. There is more than likely many more changes that I have simply just forgotten about/haven't written down, I am sure you will notice these during your time on the server, if I remember any more, I will add it to the list.
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    G'day Gamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. Notes: Since the last update, the development team *cough* Caldweld *cough* have been focusing more on performance based improvements, rather than adding additional features more than anything. We have managed to to improve numerous scripts that were otherwise very performance intensive. This means that some of you may notice a slight increase of frames. We have also been implemented "silent" updates that have not been listed in any website patch notes, so those will be included here too. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache to avoid any unforeseen game issues. !!! IMPORTANT !!! How to clear your cache: Added: Various new CID tools (cannot go into specifics as this would spoil some surprises ;)). New courthouse mapping. Notepad type /notes (you can drop notes for other players). New inventory system (also for vehicles). Added Discord Rich Prescence. Optional way for Police to log their impounds in-game rather than Discord. Simply type /if to bring up the interface, once submitted, it will post to the impound channel for you. Various mapping additions, I will leave this all to you to discover. Modified: A notable update to markers (circles). These will now take a little longer to detect your presence once you get close (usually around 3 seconds). Some Police vehicles are now back for testing. Death-tax has been reduced. Early respawn bug has been fixed. Garage will now notify you of the correct prices (not pre wipe prices). Big admin tools/report system update, this should streamline things a lot more now. Fixed issue with people who are not EMS not being kicked out of EMS vehicles. Added the missing vehicles to the Police version of the above ^^. Jail has been modified with some improvements (It should no longer be an asshole and keep jailing you for longer). Diving suits, and light diving suits now look much better. Invoices are now character specific (soft wiped existing invoices). Police CAD invoices are also now character specific. Revamp of major banks (excluding Union Depository). They now require various items to rob, the location of these items can be acquired from your resident bank robber, Snipes Murphy. Various loading screen changes have been implemented. Fixed issue with the inventory being accessible whilst dead. EMS now have access to a CPR animation that does not revive people (used for other role-play avenues). /announce fixed (lol). Various bank robbery payout changes. Voice circle has been disabled as it seems to be quite performance intensive. Issue with zip ties spamming has been fixed. Removed fog from the weather cycle as it has been reported that this is an FPS killer. Fixed issue where people could access the ATM inside of a vehicle. Some of the more ugly chat notifications now conform to the new style. MANY performance improvements. And much more that I have inevitably forgotten about. However, I will add them here if I remember......................................
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    Biscuit's Magistrate Application -------------------- OOC Contact Info Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198330452144/ Discord: Biscuit#2784 -------------------- Character Name Vickie Matoria -------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N -------------------- Why do you wish to become a magistrate? I wish to become a magistrate as I have a strong passion of the law. All throughout my time at Los Santos High School I studied law and then continued that into Los Santos University where I received my Bachelors in Law. My contentious study of this field has opened up my eyes of the beauty of the legal system and I wish to showcase that to the great citizens of Los Santos. -------------------- What do you think the role of a Magistrate is? I believe the role of a Magistrate is to provide an unbiased third party perspective to resolve both criminal and civil disputes. A magistrate acts as someone who the people can look to that ensures the integrity of the law is upheld.
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    Hey Cogan, Also willing to help out when I'm online if needed (Steam Name: Whitey - Main Character: Paqu Jamal), As long as you're willing to learn then a good Roleplayer will want to help... If you want to be a tiprat, you're on your own. 1. First off I would join the discord located here > Discord.gg/ozzygaming < Great place to ask questions. 2. Next download TS3 > https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ < this is because if you need to go to Helpdesk (Either you're in trouble or if someone has broken the rules therefore causing you to lose something) or join a Whitelisted business you'll need it. 3. Take your time creating your character (You can make up to 3 characters). Choose a suitable roleplay name, otherwise you will have to change it. If you don't like something you can always change it later at a Barber and a Clothes Store, but you will be charged. 4. Rules - Read them in the context to know not to break them - Don't read them as a way of finding loopholes 5. Make sure your voice chat has a Hotkey, but also go to the Voice Chat in the Settings menu and fix the settings there as well. Also if you ever have issues with the voice head there and toggle both of the enabled settings off and then on again. 6. Avoid carrying Large amounts of Cash on you, instead leave it in your bank account where it is safe. You access this via an ATM. Most businesses will let you pay via invoices located in your `~ key menu. 7. Go and get a Drivers License (Map Marker 140) and a Job (Map Marker 383, 1022, 3012) - Instruction manuals can be found on this Forum. 8. The most important one - IF IN DOUBT ASK, ASK, ASK! pleading ignorance annoys everybody, asking a question hurts no one. 9. Have a fun time but don't deliberately ruin others. Getting a name for yourself in RP for the wrong reasons (e.g. Rule Breaking) will stick with you for a long time). 10. Hotkeys:
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    OzzyGaming FiveM Server Rules These rules are under constant revision and can be changed at any time, While we will attempt to notify players of changes, you are encouraged to regularly check this post. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse, failure to abide by these rules will result in punishment. Last Updated: 07/06/2020 Getting Support & Player Reporting OzzyGamings primary real-time support system is via Helpdesk in TeamSpeak, which can be downloaded here and you can connect to our server via this IP (ts.ozzy.life). Join one of the waiting for support channels and a staff member will speak with you individually when available. When in doubt, this should be your first point of contact and a staff member can direct you in the right direction. If you are in-game you can lodge a support request via the (insert) menu or by typing /report. An admin will endeavour to assist you if one is online and available. For matters that do not require immediate assistance or may require some investigation, players should submit a support ticket on our website here (https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/support/). For general enquiries or crowd support, the #support channel in our discord (https://discord.gg/ozzygaming) offers very fast responses, additionally asking in-game using Via the /OOC chat for general questions is effective. 1.0 General 1.1: Most Important Rule: Use common sense! 1.2: You must follow any instructions given by a staff member without delay. You may appeal a decision or ban via a support ticket on our website. Getting abusive or aggressive with volunteer staff will not help. 1.3: Toxic, argumentative or otherwise troublemaking behaviour will not be tolerated. Any complaints should be directed to one of our support systems and not publicly including arguing/bickering via in-game text chats. 1.4: Trolling is forbidden. This includes injecting yourself into or interrupting other people’s roleplay situations, spamming your microphone/music, baiting police in a manner considered unrealistic or generally acting childishly. 1.5: Character names must be commonly used, accepted in English and not a play on words. Roleplaying the persona of a famous person is not permitted and staff have full discretion over moderating names. 1.6: Exploiting in-game mechanics/cheating is forbidden, players must report any potential exploits they discover. This includes bypassing stamina by jumping, misuse of job actions for personal gain such as repairing your vehicle during a pursuit, circumventing the AFK kicker or using third party software such as trainers, injectors or crosshair overlays. This includes taking advantage of or not reporting ‘backend errors’ such as being given an incorrect job or item by an admin. 1.7: Players must take responsibility for any vehicles they take out of their garage and ensure they are not left or dumped across the city. If stolen, you should report it to police and if broken down, call a mechanic. Abandoned cars may be seized and crushed by the government and only retrieved for a significant fee from staff. 2.0 Roleplay 2.1: Fail roleplay is forbidden. You must act in a realistic, in character manner at all times. 2.1.1: Punishable Examples of Fail Roleplay: - Pulling out a two-handed weapon without being close to your vehicle or container. Bags and bikes cannot contain two-handed weapons. - Using small stunt jumps at high speed or using large stunt jumps in any vehicle. - Not roleplaying damage taken from moderate/serious crashes and continuing as if nothing happened. - Abusing the automatic unrestrain feature which is only to mitigate players being left stranded in the middle of nowhere. You must remain acting restrained while still in roleplay as there is no way to ‘slip handcuffs’. - Using voice chat after being incapacitated. You cannot start talking or yelling, It is only acceptable to act weak/moan and roleplay in that sense. - Using job vehicles for anything other than their intended purpose. - Using unrealistic vehicles (e.g. monster trucks or drag cars) on the streets or in pursuits without adequate roleplay. 2.2: Going “out of character” without an admin present is not permitted. If you are the recipient of poor roleplay or a rule breach, you must finish the roleplay scenario without breaking character and should report the matter after the fact. Threatening staff (or ‘government’) action against a player in roleplay to force them to comply with your wishes is not permitted. 2.3: Metagaming, or using information gained out of roleplay and using it in roleplay is forbidden. 2.3.1: Punishable Examples of Metagaming: - Using information gained from a friend in Discord who is not directly involved in your roleplay. - Toggling player ID’s in-game to ascertain whether someone is an undercover police officer. - Stream Sniping, using a Twitch stream to find the streamer in-game. - Calling for backup via TeamSpeak or Discord while being held at gunpoint without co-transmitting through in-game voice. - Your alternate characters have no knowledge of and can not share information with each other (they are not cousins). Rivalries, grudges and information from other servers also cannot be used in roleplay. 2.4: Powergaming is forbidden. This is when you force your roleplaying narrative on a situation to gain the outcome you desire without giving the other party an opportunity to influence it. 2.4.1: Punishable Examples of Powergaming: - Deciding that you have received fatal injuries when they were only minor to avoid roleplaying with emergency services or getting revived. This includes respawning when you have been advised that emergency services are en-route and you have been receiving first aid. - Quickly rejoining a gunfight or situation after a debilitating injury. - Destroying items/assets while being held at gunpoint so that your captors do not make a financial gain. - Killing another person because they witnessed you break the law. - Roleplaying that you have superpowers or impairments that limit roleplay for others. - Knowing and using the limits of server rules to protect yourself in roleplay. - Malicious/Hostile actions against other players for no reasonable benefit, including revenge on police. - Storing/garaging vehicles, items, money or weapons before roleplay has completely finished where another party can no longer access it. 2.5: You must reasonably value your life at all times. This includes cooperating with demands made of you when clearly outnumbered or outgunned where it is unlikely that you would be able to successfully defend yourself. Committing suicide or endangering your life such as jumping off high ledges is also not permitted. 2.6: Terrorism or a real world event roleplay (e.g. COVID-19) is not permitted without prior management approval. Additionally, forced sexual roleplay is not permitted. 3.0 Combat & Hostile Roleplay 3.1: A declaration must be conveyed via voice before engaging in hostile roleplay. When declaring, you must clearly state what reasonable action you want the target player to do accompanied with a threat which could be verbal or implied by pointing a gun. You must allow a reasonable amount of time for the target player to comply. A declaration made to a player applies to each whole group respectively. 3.2: Pointing a lethal gun is considered a hostile action in the view of the victim and their immediate group. An adequate role play reason is required to point a gun at another player and should be accompanied by a declaration. Police pointing a non-lethal taser is not considered a hostile action unless it is fired. 3.3: A hostile situation is considered ”ongoing” at that general location (or an active pursuit) for 5 minutes after the last overt hostile action between the involved parties. If people escape and you find them later elsewhere, a new declaration would be required if reinitiating hostilities were necessary. 3.4: Random Deathmatch (RDM), intentionally trying to harm/kill another person without any prior roleplay or reason is not permitted. 3.5: Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM), intentionally using your vehicle to randomly hit players or mow down multiple people is not permitted. Using your vehicle as a weapon to save your life when threatened is allowed. 3.6: Intentionally stealing or damaging a player's vehicle/items is considered a declaration for the victim to retaliate but not initially for the aggressor. In this case, reasonable force must be used tailored to suit the situation as immediately shooting someone for kicking your car is deemed unreasonable. 3.7: A police pursuit is not considered a hostile activity. A declaration to the police is required to engage in hostility, note that vehicle to vehicle voice chat can be unreliable. If police begin obviously and intentionally ramming you (Pit Maneuvers) you can class this as initiating hostile roleplay. 3.8: Taking hostages is permitted. You must actively and regularly roleplay with the hostage to ensure they are getting a benefit out of the role play and not waste their time. Groups must use voice rather than out of game chats while nearby a hostage. Using friends or willing participants as hostages is not permitted. Hostages can not be forced to withdraw from bank accounts or houses, only their persons and vehicle. 3.9: Stealing from or taking police hostage is not permitted. You may only tie them up or via other roleplay means slow them down to aid your escape. 3.10: Civilian group sizes are to be limited to a maximum of 6 people while involved in hostile roleplay. This limit is increased to 10 if the group is an approved organisation. 3.11: Combat logging is not permitted. If you are incapacitated, you must wait to be revived or respawn before disconnecting. You cannot disconnect while actively or recently involved in a roleplay or hostile situation. 3.12: New life rule: If you are incapacitated and respawn you forget all relevant events that lead to your death. Revenge for something that happened in a previous life is not possible. You must not return to the scene of your death for 10 minutes after respawning or until the area is cleared of involved people, whichever is longer. 4.0 Robberies, Raids & Illegal activities 4.1: Store/Bank robberies must not be conducted to bait, distract or kill police and must only be commenced with the full intention to finish the robbery and escape. Robberies are not KOS (Kill on Sight) and a level of roleplay must be maintained as per the specific rules below. 4.1.1: Negotiating is the preferred manner of conducting store/bank robberies. Players are permitted to complete hostile robberies on a ‘sometimes’ basis. If staff deem people to be continually unwilling to negotiate, it is deemed as powergaming. If a hostage is used during a robbery, players must negotiate with police, lying about having a hostage is not permitted. Note: The success rate of escaping is much higher when you negotiate. 4.1.2: Once negotiations have commenced a hostile robbery can no longer randomly begin. Negotiations must be carried out via voice between parties using a designated spokesperson whom cannot be harmed during negotiations. Each party must be fair and willing to budge on demands, you can’t always get what you want. All agreed terms must be duly fulfilled. Negotiations can only end under the following scenarios: - Both parties agree to the terms. (A mutual ‘green light’ is to be confirmed when the escape can begin.) - A hostage is harmed or repeatedly threatened. (If threats, police must first give a warning) - Police willingly breach the reasonable demands of the criminals - Negotiations have stalled. (In this case, a 5-minute timer can be initiated by the police signalling if an agreement is not reached, negotiations are off. Police may then make a tactical attempt to secure the hostage.) 4.1.3: If a group does not wish to negotiate their way out, it can be initiated as a hostile robbery. A hostile robbery is not KOS and requires a level of warning to police. This can be done by firing warning shots in the direction of police and giving a reasonable time for them to react or by shouting a declaration via voice chat, ensuring you are heard. Police must not immediately breach a building unless reasonable attempts to contact the suspects have failed or shots have been fired. 4.1.4: Group members may be on the outside of a robbery location as a ‘getaway driver’ or ‘scout’ only, this does not need to be disclosed. Outsiders may not become hostile with police unless they enter the building within police view or overtly join the hostile group such as getting in a car together. To be clear, outsiders can not join the gunfight or declare on police while across the street, loitering in front of the building etc. The police shall give move on orders to anyone in the vicinity of a robbery and may temporarily detain anyone who fails to comply. 4.1.5: Criminals are permitted a maximum of 2 Motorcycles and police permitted a maximum of 2 Helicopters (Polair) during robberies. 4.1.6: Groups/individuals may conduct a maximum of 1 large bank/union style robbery per day. If a priority (recent robbery) has been activated, players are not permitted to start a robbery for 45 minutes. If staff request a robbery to be cancelled via chat, it must be abandoned. 4.2: Police are aware of many known drug locations across the map. Police are permitted to enter or raid these locations and, with probable cause search any person or vehicle in that area. 4.2.1: If police are obviously raiding a drug location such as having a large number of police on the scene, placing spike strips and wielding lethal weapons, this can be considered initiating a hostile action. When possible, a declaration/roleplay should be used, value of life rule applies and should be considered before engaging anyone. Police entering a location peacefully including asking questions and requesting to conduct searches is not hostile. 4.2.2: For the sake of clarity, to be considered illegal a person must be in possession of either the raw or finished main drug ingredient (such as leaves). Consumer items or additional ingredients only constitutes circumstantial evidence. 4.3: Scamming or falsely selling/trading guns or other items is permitted, such as running off without fulfilling the deal or using it to rob someone. Scamming is considered hostile and not permitted within safe zones. Scamming the full sale of a vehicle is not permitted. 4.4: Misleading players about the accuracy of mechanical upgrades or number of strikes is permitted when selling vehicles, including within safe zones. Buyers are encouraged to research a vehicle with their mechanic or the police to verify the seller's claims. 5.0 Police, EMS & Jobs 5.1: Police or EMS must be in the appropriate TeamSpeak channel while on duty 5.2: All jobs must follow their protocol, act in a professional manner and be dedicated to actively serving others while shown on-duty. 5.3: A level of corruption in jobs is allowed provided it isn’t considered powergaming, getting caught generally results in punishment, demotion or removal from the faction. Senior Police (CO+) and Police CID cannot be corrupt due to the unfair power and ability to avoid repercussions. 6.0 Map restrictions & locations 6.1: Safe zones are places that offer players an area where they can play without fear of hostility and are marked on the map. 6.1.1: Green (strict) safe zones are areas where hostile actions can not be started or brought into them. These include most car dealerships and character spawns. 6.1.2: Blue safe zones are areas where hostile actions can not be started, however, it can be brought in/through that area so long as uninvolved players are not forcibly included in the hostility. These include most police stations and hospitals. 6.2: Fort Zancudo Military Base and the Aircraft Carrier are restricted areas, players are not permitted. 7.0 Finances & Economy 7.1: You must pay any legitimate invoices from businesses as soon as practicable, scamming businesses by failing to pay an invoice is not permitted. Contact a staff member if you wish to dispute an invoice on your account. 7.2: If you have made little or no effort to pay outstanding invoices, fines and continue to amass further debt, you may be issued a warning to cease all criminal roleplay and work towards paying this off. Further failure to pay debts will result in a bankruptcy ruling with a full character wipe and a possible temporary ban. In some instances, the government will seize your vehicles to recover your debts. 7.3: Transferring of assets or money between your multiple characters including the use of a middleman is not permitted. This also includes transferring/using items while not on duty in relevant jobs such as police guns. 7.4: Dumping your inventory items, weapons, cash or vehicles etc. to other players, characters or friends when leaving the server or killing off an old character is not permitted without specific management approval. 8.0 FiveM General Guidelines (The guidelines give players an understanding of ‘the spirit of the server’ and how it is meant to be enjoyed. While guidelines are not as strict as rules, continued disregard of these can result in warnings and bans.) 8.1: A working microphone is required when roleplaying with others on the server. You must obtain permission from a manager to not use a microphone given a suitable reason is provided. 8.2: Characters should have a thought-out, defined personality and character traits which are roleplayed when you play as that character. If you plan to roleplay as an old person or another gender, you would need to stick to that persona and act in a realistic way. e.g. an elderly character wouldn’t be able to sprint everywhere or be good in combat. 8.3: You should separate your types of roleplay/activities across multiple characters, one character should not be involved in multiple different ventures at once. For example, an off duty police officer would avoid getting involved in illegal activity as they may face demotion or being fired. 8.4: Interaction with other players should be well thought out. You should endeavour to provide each other with an immersive experience that is enjoyable for all parties and not set out to grief/upset another player or group. Bullying is not permitted. 8.5: A level of confrontation, swearing, slander, or getting worked up in roleplay is allowed if it is in line with your character's persona. Excessive, over the top or unnecessary abuse to particular players is not permitted. Know your audience, friends may laugh and random people may be very offended. If asked to stop you must respect that. 8.6: Interaction with Police: Remember police officers have a duty to enforce the law and you should reasonably comply with their roleplay. Once you have been arrested and have been taken to a police facility, your roleplay transitions from hostile roleplay to an investigative type of roleplay. During this time your friends cannot try to break you out, launching an attack on a police facility is not permitted. Being overly hateful or abusive to the police is not allowed. Occasionally ‘losing’ is part of the roleplay experience, you should expect to periodically receive fines, jail time or repercussions from your criminal activities. Police may at their discretion allow lawyers to come into a police facility, provided they are suitably dressed and add to the roleplay. 8.7: Interaction with EMS: When incapacitated you should roleplay with EMS in a meaningful way and to the best of your ability provide accurate information about your injuries, not downplaying or exaggerating them to suit your needs. EMS is considered a friendly faction that will treat everyone equally regardless of affiliation with professionalism. Killing or interfering with EMS is not permitted unless you have declared for them to leave and they fail to comply. 8.8: Killing another player should be used as a last resort when all other roleplay avenues have been exhausted, setting out with the intent solely to kill is not allowed. If people are cooperative, you should spare their life. 8.9: Crime is a large part of the server. However, career criminals such as characters who continually rob banks/stores/players with limited other standard or legal roleplay are not permitted. Your character should engage in a wide range of interpersonal roleplay that builds up character rather than criminal notoriety. The police force has a Criminal Investigations Division who actively look out for organised crime and known criminals. They have access to tools that will aid them in finding criminals and illegal business dealings, as well as punishments and powers approved through management. Hardcore criminals generally avoid interacting with police and you should be mindful of the attention you gain from the police; if you’ve committed a serious crime you should lay low for a while. Repeated criminal activity will likely end up in harsher police punishments and staff attention. 8.10: Conflicts between organisations are expected regarding trades, members or disputed territory. Both conflict and cooperation lead to great roleplay and organisations must find a happy balance between the two. Strong alliances and monopolies stagnate the criminal world and should be avoided. Organisation rules apply at all times. 8.11: Community leaders consist of people who are business owners, organisation leaders or high ranking police/EMS personnel. These people should be a leading source of quality storylines and consistently strong roleplayers that are held to a higher standard. Leaders must dedicate the majority of their FiveM time on the OzzyGaming server and maintain a high level of activity to hold their position
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    Whitelisted Businesses Businesses are management approved whitelisted player-owned businesses. In order to be considered as a business owner, you must complete a business application. Applicants must be active, dedicated to our server, have an above standard level of roleplay, and have the ability to lead. Businesses are vital to the success of our server. Thus, as a business owner, you are considered a community leader, and are held to a higher standard under our rules. This should not be taken lightly, as many people will look to you when seeking progression. Rules Last Updated: 01/04/2020 (Breaching any of these may result in a strike or your removal as a business owner.) Business owners are required to pay a $50,000 business bond when signing their contract. Business contracts will be up for renewal every two months. Businesses are non-transferable. Business owners, and employees must use their provided TeamSpeak 3 channels when working. Business owners must actively monitor the business whitelisting application Discord channel to hire community members. As of 01/10/2019, business whitelisting applications on the forums are redundant. Business Discord servers must be owned by OzzyGaming. New businesses will be provided with a base Discord server in advance and given full access to modify it. If a new owner is taking over an existing business, they will be provided with the existing server. Business owners and their management must uphold the values of our server. Moreover, they acknowledge that they are community leaders and will be held to a higher standard than regular community members. Business owners must not bring the community into disrepute. Only 2 members of the business are allowed to have the Owner/Boss rank in game Hiring friends is fine. However, this must be balanced with hiring new players. Business owners must remain active to maintain their business. This does not mean playing every day. However, extended absence of more than a week will likely result in their forfeiture of the business. Business owners must inform management if they wish to go on leave for an extended period of time. However, they must make arrangements to pay their employees. Moreover, they must have assigned a 2IC to act in their absence. Going on leave must not be for an arbitrary reason, if a business owner is burnt out, it is time to pass on the torch to another community member. It is fine for businesses to engage in hostile roleplay occasionally. However, they must not primarily revolve around this type of roleplay. Business owners are free to engage in illegal/dodgy business. However, there must be a legal legitimate business front. Business managers (not owners) may not hold a high-ranking position in another business or community. However, they may hold an administrative position in Police/EMS (they may not be a part of either Cabinet). Business owners may not hold a high-ranking position in another business or community. Mechanic and Car dealership owners must ensure that their employees are completing the invoice forms provided by Management. Business owners can use their society as banking system to store other people's money as long as a DOCUMENTED fee is applied. However if Business owner are caught asset transferring or aiding others in doing so, ALL involved will face a permanent removal from the community and the owner will have their business seized. Business owners will be subjected to a fine, which will be 30% of their society balance, if the Criminal Investigation Division can prove that the business is conducting illegal activities. Business owners will have 2 weeks to pay this fine, or they forfeit their business. Business owners must conduct their affairs in-game when appropriate. For example, all money laundering activity/correspondence should be conducted in-game rather than TS3/Discord.
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    Changed: MK 18 added to rebel Reduced prices of weapons at rebel Strider and Ifrit added to rebel Police Promet & Shotgun ammo price reduced Stopped hiding things at rebel north Added a spawn point at SPG base Removed timer when loading in (oops) Added MK20 and TRG21 to police store Reduced safezone sizes Added city zones Fixed issue where you could not invite more than 1 person to a group Removed increased fuel consumption (it is now default) Removed stripping option (has some duping issues) Fixed oil Fixed issues with garaging helicopters for EMS and Police Fixed missing textures on billboards Fixed support not being able to godmode or compensate Added PDW to the civ gunstore Removed no damage in vehicles
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    Hello everyone, this changelog will consist of the fractured updates since the last recorded update. In other news, we now have two new developers @Snipes-Murphyand @Delexical so please welcome them if you haven't done so already! Added Icons for Tool and Ammo containers for the inventory HUD. Added Casino DLC Casino mapping. Various anti-cheat measures. A death/incapacitation check for the phone, and the inventory. Tequilala job Executive Protection job Night vision goggles - you can buy these from the hardware store, they are toggleable by using the item. New character creation HUD - this is now more streamlined and should offer less buggy clothing options for newer players/current players. Court house Bike stands to Mission Row PD and Bolingbrook Penitentiary. New jail system. Watch this space as more changes will be coming. The ability for Thompsons Auto Sales and Salvage to chop NPC Vehicles, more information on his later. When selling drugs, players will now receive a small gift, these gifts will have their respective advantages/disadvantages we will let you figure out the disadvantages... Joints will regenerate your health. Bumps will give you unlimited stamina for a period of time Mollys will give you armour. Brand new Police cuffing animation, looks very cool. Modified Beekers vehicle deleter marker is now invisible. Black market store gun prices have reduced. Inventory dropping has been removed, and in its place is destroying items. This will notify nearby players through the use of a forced /me to combat pesky people dropping items whilst they are being held up. Invoices are now character specific Inspectors of the Police Force now have their snipes back (Not sure what happened there). Toggle player ID's is now bound to "Shift + U". Galaxy Nightclub has received some exterior updates. Businesses should now all have phone applications. All dealership showrooms now show their respective vehicle rotations. Airlines now have a vehicle delete point at LS International airport Diving/Light Diving suits now look like diving suits. Painting booth door at Bennys has been removed to allow for some more space In the shop. Tackle range has been reduced. Mining has been buffed. Fixed Landscaping job ATMS. Players must now get out of their vehicles to use them. Traffic to a certain extent, vehicles shouldn't spawn in large piles anymore. Removed Various buggy animations that allowed people to glitch through walls. I am sure there are many more changes I have missed, I will add them as I remember them.
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    Over the last couple of months there has been a large influx of new players due to both the Epic Games free release and the overall popularity of FiveM as a whole due to GTA Online being absolutely demolished by its player-base. With the influx of these new players who have been given the bare minimum introduction into the island and normally find themselves stuck with Drug running,landscaping or robbing people and with the introduction they get into the island there role-play skills are very toxic with a large percentage not understanding how the rules and roles of role-play function, In turn these turns a massive part of the island into toxic role-play with consistent rule-breakers and role-play that normally forces people into help desk. I feel like Ozzygaming needs to at least test some form of serious role-play or enforce more serious roleplay and give new players an better introduction into how role-play should be conducted. A lot of new players have barely read or not even read the rules. Which in turn sometimes leads to them getting banned and or ruining other peoples role-play experiences. There are several times I have witnessed VDM/RDM/FAILRP on accounts to people who are new to the island and haven't read or understand how Ozzy's role-play is conducted. I turn this causing many hard time players to become fed up with the constant toxic role-play and have to avoid large amount of potential role-play due to majority of the time turning into toxic. Role-play has become repetitive as there is a strong player-base that follows the guidelines of Rob/Kill/Steal/Landscape and repeat leaving Organisation and hard time role-players with no role-play or no organised serious role-play to be had without ending up in a negative light on both sides. It is difficult for so many role-players in the island to find good non toxic role-play in this stage of Ozzy as most of it ends up with one side breaking the rules or it being taken OOC and ending up in help-desk. We have had rules that have tried to resolve these issues but staff are always outnumbered and from my eyes find it difficult to mass enforce these rules. I would like Ozzy to consider enforcing or testing a more serious roleplay enviroment as I, and many other of the Ozzygaming community feel that it would benefit this island massively. I would like to hear everyone's opinions on this. Thanks; Sharpie
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    Hello Everyone, We at Trevor Phillips Enterprises are happy to announce the offial launch of our brand new auction house! The auction house located here on the OzzyGaming forums will be the new way we auction off repossessed vehicles to cashed up new owners. It will become more obvious how it works after the first listings are made. TPE staff will list a vehicle at auction in a forum post which will contain all details about the car along with image where possible. There will be a starting bid posted in the auction ad, as well as a auction close time. Bidding will take place in the forum post comments with the highest bidder at the time the auction finishes deemed the winner of the auction. This is an easy way to score yourself pre-loved luxary and upgraded cars at a fraction of the cost. This should also serve as a warning to make sure any outstanding invoices and fines are all paid up! It will be well worthing logging into the website to check what vehicles are on auction daily. Auctions will typically be posted for a 24 hour period. We look forward to bringing you the first auction very soon. Happy bidding.
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    Hey everyone! Names Wolffee104, i am new to OzzyGaming and pretty new to RP as well. My rp name is Del Meeko, i hope to see more people in the community often and have a great time in the community!
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    Nick's Magistrate Application -------------------- OOC Contact Info Discord: vote_no#1947 | Steam: (Scott Morrison) https://steamcommunity.com/id/2ndsspanzerdivision/ -------------------- Character Name Arthur Jones -------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N -------------------- Why do you wish to become a magistrate? I wish to become a magistrate as I have a deep interest and enthusiasm in the law and legal matters - I have read many books and have been in court a bit - I am aware of the conduct that a magistrate has to conform to and I have an excellent knowledge of subject matter required to fill the role of magistrate. Just a quick side-note, I have also practised as a lawyer several times. -------------------- What do you think the role of a Magistrate is? I believe the role of the magistrate is to listen to all evidence presented at the committal hearing in court - and then make an impartial (unbiased) decision as to what happens to the accused whether it be imprisonment or a fine/warning - it must based purely on evidence. I believe the role also entails not taking matters lightly as taking an individuals liberty away from them or financially 'damaging' them is a serious matter that warrants an extensive process in court. "Innocent until proven guilty"
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    Changed: Chop shops fixed Silicon fixed Gold license fixed Blue SUV skin fixed Price adjustments for some police ammo EMS can now pull out helicopters at hospitals ARCO added to rebel store Police radars now work Added fuel truck
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    Hey all, just a brief update for what is coming for the future of Altis Life. As many of you will have noticed, there have been a lack of updates to the mission on our live server, this is a result of significant work that is currently taking place on a separate version of the mission. This update will aim to mitigate many of the current 'bugs' and issues with the current version, as well as provide a more stable platform which will allow for the addition of a number of new features. Currently a date for said update has not been set, however, expect it in the foreseeable future, and although this will be a relatively significant update, there will not be a wipe accompanying it. Feel free to tag or dm me with any questions.
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    Ah, I'm sure some of you saw this coming. With the return of Altis Life comes the return of Pulse. For those of you guys that don't know us, we are mainly a bunch of people that mainly play Arma 3 and have for a long time. If you are new and just getting into Altis Life for the first time or are still relatively new, feel free to ask any of the Pulse boys for a hand and we will be more than willing to help you out. We have a long list of members which can be found in our channel on teamspeak. For you old members, come say hi if you won't and if you don't want to then we will probably seeing you at Fed 8). (Made by Zaydan, age 12)
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    Disclaimer: These rules are often revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back on a regular basis. Last Update: 27/01/2019 OzzyGaming Community Rules 1. Community members must treat each other with respect. Under no circumstances are you allowed to verbally abuse, bully, or belittle anyone in any way. 2. Community members must not direct racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive behaviour towards another member of the community. 3. Community members must not spam on any of our services. 4. Community members must not advertise or promote another server/community/service. This includes streaming/video channels - only members with the 'Streamer' tag in Discord may post links to their channels. To obtain a Streamer tag, you must contact a Manager or an Executive to request it - you must be reasonably active and your content must recurringly feature Ozzygaming's servers. 5. Community members must not impersonate a staff member. 6. Community members must not have inappropriate usernames. 7. Community members must not, under any circumstances release any personal information about any other community member (AKA Doxing). 8. Community members must not share inappropriate images such as pornography or any other offensive material. 9. Community members must not soundboard in any channel on TeamSpeak or Discord unless it is your channel or you have permission from the channel owner. 10. Community members must abide by instructions from members of staff, if you have an issue with the instruction then please contact a staff member of a higher rank - do not attack the staff member. 11. Real world trading is not permitted. This is the act of trading anything outside of any of our offered services for in-game content.
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    Thanks for being part of the community. Good luck with your streams my man! Shitpost as requested.
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    EcliipSe Cream, born in 1981 and raised in Colombia, he grew up with drugs and violence all around him with the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar on the news involving the murder investigations caused by his gang the Medellin Cartel.He knew what he wanted when he saw the Special Forces on the Television rounding up and executing members of the Cartel with no punishment.After training everyday at firing ranges and gyms, once he became of legal age he was enlisted in the Colombian Military. The Special Forces were soon to see his abilities and Potential and recruited him into in the Elite Task Force known as The Spades. Working for the president at the time Virgitio Barco Varags, he soon met his brothers that he keeps close to him today, this Elite Task Force was called The Spades by the President which worked very closely doing various dirty missions such as assassinating drug lords and other rivals who wish to take the seat off the corrupt President.The president had told the group this would be their last mission, things had calmed down and he didn't need the Spades anymore. On this last mission they were to signal an airstrike on a Drug lords compound that had thousands of kgs of Cocaine inside, they pulled up at the compound and laser marked it for the air strike team and then called it in on the radio, 30 seconds later they noticed that there was a school bus in the compound and that they were trafficking children, shocked by this site they called on the radio to cancel so that they could enter and evacuate the children before the pilot reached the compound, the pilot replied "ETA 5 minutes" the pilot wouldn't listen so they had to get the children out, they went down the hill and killed all the guards and the drug lord, then they took the children in the school bus and took them to the evacuation zone, where the helicopter was waiting, then when they arrived to the zone, the airstrike hit the buildings and the ground shook, they put the kids on the helicopter and as it flew away it was shot by a Special Forces jet’s anti air missile and exploded into a ball of flames, EcliipSe then looked at his team with a grim look on his face and said "That was meant to be us". After being betrayed by the Government they left Columbia and moved to Los Santos, they all had 3 things in common, a love for guns, motorbikes and that they didn't want to let their skills go to waste. So they turned to a life of crime in the streets of Los Santos, with connections still in Columbia they were able to bring in Cocaine and other Narcotics across the borders into the city. After the "Black out" when they were reported dead, they Formed the MC now Known as Black Spades.
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    Hi everyone, its Reginald Dickerson and I want to say thanks to everyone that helped me this week.
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    definitely made a difference as far as I can see.
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    First of all, Welcome to OzzyGaming. We hope you enjoy your time . Second, There are many ways on how to start illegal jobs. The best way is to find out in RolePlay. Hop into the server and chat with people. Just pick and choose the people though, you don't want to ask the wrong person. Most people will not tell you over the public discord or forums because finding out in RP is the best way and the right way. So I encourage you to hop into the server ask around and ultimately have fun.
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    Hackuou's Magistrate Application -------------------- OOC Contact Info https://steamcommunity.com/id/hackuou/ Hackuou#2148 -------------------- Character Name Thomas Green -------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N -------------------- Why do you wish to become a magistrate? My cousin Arnold Peterson resided over a criminal case as the magistrate and learnt a lot throughout the course of the case, because of this I feel I would make a good addition to the court house, I have also done a lot of research into court systems and how trials and other things work and I feel I know more than enough to be able to reside over cases myself. I have a strong passion for law and the court system and hope I can help make use of it. I want to see the court system on Ozzy used more and by becoming a member of it I hope I can do that. -------------------- What do you think the role of a Magistrate is? To reside over cases, to discuss any matters that come up regarding law and to keep order in the court room, in criminal cases the judge hands out the sentencing while jury presents the verdict of guilty or not. In a civil case the judge decides the outcome of the case and whether the plaintiff should receive any sort of compensation. (The judge also does things like overrule or sustain objections).
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    OzzyGaming DarkRP Rules Main Rules English only, other languages may result in a kick/ban. No impersonating other players or staff members. No lying to staff members otherwise your punishment will be worse. Do not Advertise other communities. Do not minge or troll. No toxic behaviour to Players or Staff. Do not be racist, homophobic or sexist. Do not abuse exploits or glitches. If you find one please report it to a member of staff or make a bug report in the discord. Do not Prop Climb, prop surf, prop kill, prop spam. Do not call admins in OOC, use the report system(type “/report”). Do not swear, be offensive, or take arguments and aggressive negotiations between players into OOC. Do not spawn props, no-collide them, turn no gravity on. this is fail rp. Do not Mic spam or Minge. Do not use any form of Cheats/Hacks. If your found to have any you will be banned from the server. Do not counter a rule break with a rule break.(If someone is RDMing, do not kill them. Rather make a report). RDM is not allowed (Random Deathmatch) - Killing someone without reason is highly against the rules. Do not use the out-of-character (OOC) chat for in-character/in-roleplay purposes. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) - When you die don't return / interact with the area you died in for 3 minutes. Don't randomly weapon check players. You may only do random checks if in Police Department. FearRP - Your life should be valued, if a cop asks for you to do something do it. If you're being mugged you have to comply (If you dont have a weapon out, and you are ordered to do something you must comply). No baiting - Shooting or having your gun out to make police raid/chase you or Adverting to be raided. Don't metagame. This means if someone “advert raid assist”, you cant kill them unless you see them do the illegal activity. You MUST advert crimes (Raid/Mug/Kidnapl). You must advert warns, give the player at least 3 seconds to comply. Don't RDA (Random Arrest). Don't destroy your printers to avoid the raider(s) getting them. When being raided you MUST use your keypads/buttons otherwise it will be classed as fading door abuse. Only the Casino Workers are allowed to build in the casino. If one of your gang members are being Arrested/Mugged/Kidnapped you have to advert counter before you can help them. If a player is tresspassing inside your base, and you do not have a kos sign, you have the right to kill him after giving him a warning and a minimum of 3 seconds. Do not cover the map with props. Purchasing money printers from others is at your risk. Management is not in charge of refunding this as its at your risk. KOS signs must be visible from outside. If a cop sees you with a gun out and no gun license they can arrest you unless the mayor's laws state otherwise. Raiding/Crime Rules A raid can only last 10 minutes. "KOS if near" is NOT allowed as part of adverts No spawning props when raiding. All members of a Raid MUST advert (Raid/Assist) The max mug amount is 5k and the victim must be given 10 seconds to react. You must wait 10 minutes before raiding again, or the same base for 15 - After the raid has ended. You may only mug/kidnap every 10 minutes. Don't raid a base with a building sign. If all members of a raid die before the 5 minutes are up, then the raid is over. If you are raiding and die you may return after 3 minutes if you have a teammate still alive in the base, If You are defending only return 3 min after death. Do not have Kidnapp/Raid/Assist/Counter as a advert, advert each separately. If a police officer is within 15m of you raid and is posing a visible threat, you have the right to shoot him. Once you have to lockpick a door you have to advert. Government Rules The Police Commander and or SWAT Commander is in charge of the SWAT other officers. Police must arrest players that have commited a crime, else its FailRP/Corruption which will result in a warning. You must follow the mayor's laws and respond to all crime. You may not weapon check someone without a valid RP reason unless they are in the PD. PD members are not allowed to own ANY doors. You are not allowed to bait to start a raid, e.g. trespassing on a base. If a PD member baits and gets killed, the police cannot raid. PD members cannot let non-PD members inside of the PD. You can not raid on the basis of hearing printers, you must have visual sight of printers to raid. No abusing your battering ram, you must have a valid reason. The Poliec are not allowed to own printers or bitminers. Police raids can only last up to 15min. Police are not allowed to assist a criminal with any type of crime.(Opening the vault so criminals can raid it etc.) Police cannot build in PD without the mayors permission. Do not make warrants on the information recieved by a witness, you have to confirm the information before you put out a warrant. Police are not allowed to use stunstick without valid reason. If the mayor has initiated lockdown, police have to warn every player they see out in public, only if the player is ignoring the police and has been given a minimum of 15 seconds, the police have the right to arrest him. If you see a crime, you have to respond to it.If not it is seen as being corrupt and will result in a warn. Stun Stick boosting while raiding is not allowed before the warrant is accepted. Do not arrest players in spawn, unless they are Killing/Kidnapping/Mugging a player.(Do not arrest for having weapons out in spawn). The PD are not allowed to gamble at the Casino. Mayor rules As mayor you are not allowed to inforce laws. Do not add laws that counter Rules like random weapon checking is allowed, you also cant order PD to RDA. As mayor, if you accept a false warrant you will also be held accountable for the officers actions. Mayor is not allowed to base outside the PD. Both the mayor and a member of staff have to give permission to build a checkpoint. As mayor, initiating a false lockdown is against the server rules.The only valid reasons for a lockdown are the following:PD-Raid, Bank-Raid and if the mayor has been kidnapped (In the case of the mayor being kidnapped the Police Commander/ SWAT Commander can initiate lockdown) The mayor cannot add laws that will lead to mrda or mrdm like conditions such as but not limited to: jaywalking is aos/kos speaking is aos/kos jumping/running is aos/kos Nor can mayor make illegal acts such as raiding/mugging/kidnapping/owning printers outside of the bank/drugs/etc legal If the mayor is to allow people in the PD they cannot make it a blanket statement like "PD is open to all" nor can they willing let people in who are clearly trying to raid the vault (corruption is considered failrp) Building Rules Do not prop block. Only 5 fading/moving doors are allowed. Keypads must hold for 5+ seconds. Place a building sign down when building to prevent raids but you can't have raidables with a building sign. There must be an entrance to your base that passes through public land or land you own. You may only buy doors to your own building. Every fading/moving door must have a keypad either side which is visible. Printers can't be hidden in props to stop others getting to them. KOS signs are allowed but you can only kill them once they're inside the property and KOS sign MUST be a font of 40+. KOS Reasons must be specific. All reasons/Annoying/Loitering are not valid reasons. Do not Build in the jail cells. The fading door tool is for doors only. Not for bridges or other kind of builds that keeps people out of your base. You are not allowed to build over an ATM location in a way which prevents access to other users and/or allows you to deposit money risk free. You cannot place a KOS line on the pavement in the middle of town (main street) or in the spawn area. You must be a hobo to build on the sidewalk, unless given permission to by an admin and the mayor. This also applies if you wish to make checkpoints etc, always get admin permission before doing so.(No one is allowed to build on the streets unless given permission by an admin). Do not have a building sign and a KOS sign at the same time. Do not user money printers with a building sign. You may not use no-collided props, these can only be for decoration. The space between fading doors in a base should be enough to fit 2 people wide x 2 people long. You may not use a collided prop as floor for entrance. Don't build at spawn. You can have one-way props, but you CANNOT use them to shoot at raiders. Dont build in a raid or whilst getting raided. Do not build on top of tunnels Do not build in tunnels that lead to other areas of the map.You are only allowed to build in a dead-end tunnel. All Fading doors/Moving doors must have a open time of at least 5 seconds. Do not use Fences for moving doors, as they cannot be broken.And it gives the defenders an unfair advantage. Banned Bases Kill boxes ( These are boxes / Rooms that are unclear in where to get to and are used for the sole purpose of killing Raiders) Jump / Parkour bases (These are bases that require you to jump from platform to platform in order to get to your fading door or keypad.) Overhang bases (An elevated section of a base, protected by storefront props which allows defenders to shoot raiders before they've breached the front door. Angle Bases (Bases where the defender can see and shoot the the attacker but the attacker cannot see them) Maze bases (bases where you add many turns to increase the total distance) Crouch bases (bases where crouching is required) Job Specific BITMINER - Your bitminers are legal, however you are still able to be raided.Bitminers cant Raid/Assist/Counter. MEDICS - Do not Base with criminals. you also cant Raid/Assist/Counter. Medics cannot be hired as “Personal medics” they have to provide services to all players. Medics are allowed to open their own healing shops. HITMEN - Are not allowed to counter/raid/assist, base or use bitcoin miners/printers. GUN DEALER – You have to sell guns.You cannot base with criminals. Self supply is not allowed. You cannot Raid/Assist/Counter. HOBO – You cannot build on the streets, only on sidewalks, and you are not allowed to block off any type of entrances/NPC’s. METH COOKER – You cannot Raid/Assist/Counter/Mug. WEED COOK – You cannot Raid/Assist/Counter/Mug. Kidnapping Rules You have to wait at least 15 minutes to kidnap once after you have released/killed someone, and 45 minutes to kidnap the same person. You can only keep your hostage for no longer than 10 minutes. To begin a kidnapping, make sure to advert any form of kidnap before beginning to apprehend someone. The maximum asking price of ransom is set at 50K. Do not mix kidnapping and raiding in the same keybind. Punishing your hostage is allowed, but killing without reason is still seen as RDM. If the time runs out, you are allowed to kill your hostage. You cannot kidnap people in spawn! Clan/Group Rules You need your clan name clearly stated in your name. No more than 10 people within one clan Do not commit any crimes against your clan e.g. Raids, Mugs, Kidnapping. (Only difference in this rules is if a member of a clan is police and sees another member doing something illegal). No racism/promoting any offensive content within a clan e.g. KKK clan. Clan alliances are NOT allowed. This is to avoid stupidly overpowered clans and balance it out for smaller players. Last Edit (11/1/2020 - KoaszzTV)
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    ArmA 3 Altis Life Rules (Last Updated: 19/08/2019) General Rules 1.0 Do not metagame. Metagaming can be defined as the act of gaining information outside of role-play and using it in role-play, for example: using out of character communication to summon a friend to help you. 1.1 Do not troll. Trolling can be defined as continuously performing an action to annoy/upset or provoke a reaction from other players. 1.2 Do not real-world trade. Real-world trading is the act of trading anything outside of OzzyGaming for in-game items or vice versa. Players that real-world trade risk being permanently banned from all services without warning. 1.3 Do not exploit. Exploiting can be defined as taking advantage of an in-game bug/flaw for personal gain. 1.4 Do not use teleport based in-game functions to escape role-play. 1.5 Transferring gear/vehicles between factions is not permitted. It does not matter if you are transferring them to another player. 1.6 Do not "RDM". Random Deathmatch can be defined as the murder/attempted murder of another player without a role-play reason. 1.7 New life rule. When you die and respawn, you may not re-attend the scenario that you died in. You may not faction swap to circumvent this rule. Once you respawn, you do not have any recollection of past events in role-play. You may return to the same area (within 1.5km from your death) after 15 minutes (presuming the role-play scenario has concluded). 1.8 Power-gaming. Power-gaming is the act of working towards a goal without the intent of role-play. Power-gaming may include, but is not limited to, activities such as: Civilians engaging hostile roleplay in groups larger than 8 when not committing a major robbery Excessive hostile role-play towards new players 1.9 Green Safe Zones are areas which hostile role-play cannot be commenced or brought into. These areas are reserved for role-playing and should not be interfered with. Civilian operated MRAPs (Strider, Hunter, Ifrit) are not permitted inside any city strict safe zone. 1.10 Blue Safe Zones are areas where hostile role-play cannot be started inside, but may be brought in from outside. Hostile roleplay can be initiated inside the safe zone if a player is robbing a store and is confronted by police Hostile roleplay can be initiated if a suspect is apprehended by police, however roleplay must be followed and relevant declarations made (see section 3) Vehicles may be stolen however you may be shot by owner or group. 1.11 City Zones (blue circles) are areas that do not allow any of the following: Civilians are not permitted primary weapons, with the exception of the PDW, inside City Zones. Civilian operated MRAPs (Strider, Hunter, Ifrit) are not permitted inside City Zones. 1.12 Red Zones are areas where players may initiate hostile role-play without a declaration, provided both parties are inside the zone. 1.13 You may not switch factions to join in roleplay that has already begun. 1.14 You may not commit any major crime within fifteen (15) minutes of a server restart. Vehicle Rules 2.0 Players may not run over another player for any reason, or intentionally get themselves run over for any reason. If a player is run over during hostile roleplay, whether directly or indirectly, and the vehicle driver or their party can provide evidence to a staff member that they were not at fault, they may shoot the runover player. If a player is run over accidently during hostile roleplay, they must be left to take the first action, or until 5 seconds has passed at the end of animations. Taking the first action can be defined as any activity that requires player input once animations have finished. 2.1 Players may not destroy anyone's vehicle including their own without a valid role-play reason. 2.2 Vehicle ramming without a valid roleplay reason is not permitted. 2.3 Police are permitted to destroy any illegal vehicles using a Satchel Charge. However, they must wait until hostile role-play has concluded. 2.4 Players may not use a Truck Mission for anything other than their intended purpose. If they accept the mission, they must complete the mission. Additionally, players are not permitted to dispose of the vehicle if they do not like where they have to drive it. 2.5 Players may perform ground locking manoeuvres with aircraft at their own risk. If the actions of the aggressor (player performing the goundlock) result in the destruction/death of the other party, he/she will be held liable and will have to compensate the victim. 2.6 Players may not sling any vehicle that has a non-consenting occupant inside, unless hostile role-play has been initiated with the party. You must be on foot beside the vehicle and must declare in text chat that you are attaching ropes to the vehicle. e.g. "Attaching slings to hatchback" 2.7 Players may not hover lower than 100 meters over a green safe zone, players are permitted to land. However, they must endeavour to land as soon as possible. Players may not fly low for an extended period of time over players for no roleplay reason (annoying people is not a valid roleplay reason). Hostile Role-play 3.0 Players must declare before engaging in hostile role-play with another player. The available declaration options are through voice, or text messaging. Players opting to declare via voice will be required to provide evidence of such if required by staff. Declarations must include a demand, consequence, and a reasonable time-frame to respond (min 10 seconds). When declaring on Police, the declaration must include a location in addition to the above. Hostile roleplay is any event that involves the following & all require a declaration: Knocking out another player. Killing another player. Discharging a firearm at another player. A Civilian tasing another Civilian. A Civilian Spikestripping another Civilian. Hostile roleplay that is considered a declaration but does not require one: These are a one-way declaration for the victim and/or their group, and only they may take action. Stealing another player’s vehicle. Stealing/Robbing something from another player. Police tasing a visibly armed civilian (not including holstered pistols) 3.1 Hostile role-play continues for 10 minutes after the last declaration has been sent or the last shot has been fired. During this time you are not permitted to log out or enter any Green Zones. 3.2 Players must be within 1.5km of anyone they are declaring on. 3.3 Police may not send prisoners to prison whilst hostile role-play is being conducted. Hostages 4.0 Players may be taken as a hostage as long as hostile role-play has been initiated. Once taken hostage, the captors must interact with the hostage for the duration of the capture. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the hostage being released by an Administrator. 4.1 You must be willing to negotiate with the police in regards to the amount you wish to receive for your hostages. The police have MAXIMUM set values, however you should expect to negotiate below this value. 4.2 You must give a considerable amount of time from the initial point of contact with the police. Minimum 10 minutes before you may execute your hostage. 4.3 You may not attack the negotiator or take the negotiator hostage as long as your reasonable demands have been met. 4.4 Players are not permitted to have a ‘fake hostage’. This includes taking a willing player or friend as a hostage. Role-play 5.0 Players must role-play all scenarios. Failure to do so is considered fail role-play this can be defined as the act of failing to stick to your in-game persona or behaving in a way that is not typical of a role-play server. Escorting a player and using them as a meat shield in a firefight. Abusing the restrain function to enter/exit vehicles without instruction, or using weapons whilst restrained. Aborting the game whilst in role-play. Storing vehicles or items whilst in hostile rp or in active pursuits. Police reviving players whilst hostile role-play is active. 5.1 Players may not run off if they are released from handcuffs due to being restrained for too long. The only exception to this rule is if there are no players nearby. 5.2 Players must always value their life above all other outcomes. 5.3 Players entering an ongoing firefight to be a nuisance is not permitted. Players will not receive compensation for collateral damage if their actions were negligent. Emergency Services 6.0 Corruption is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as: The selling, giving away, or transfer between factions of medic/police equipment. Intentional killing of detained civilians/suspects or fellow faction members. Medics refusing to revive people they do not like. Medics collecting weapons or gear in their vehicle, though they are permitted to pickup guns before revival to ensure they do not disappear. 6.1 Police/EMS must be on TeamSpeak 3 and in the appropriate channel. 6.2 Police/EMS must log off their slots if they plan on going AFK for an extended period of time. 6.3 Medics are not a threat and should not typically be treated as one. The only exception to this rule is if they enter a hostile area begin reviving people. If this occurs, players are permitted to declare on them. 6.4 Players are not permitted to steal EMS vehicles under any circumstances. Non-Player Robberies 7.0 In order to rob any facility apart from a store, there must be at least 3 players in your party and within 1.5km of the robbery. 7.1 Players must intend to complete a robbery in its entirety. 7.2 When initiating a robbery of a store, players must give any Police & armed civilians in the vicinity 30 seconds to leave. Once this timeframe has concluded, players may shoot Police & armed civilians on sight, unless safezone rules are applicable. 7.3 When initiating a robbery of any facility other than stores, players must give anyone in the vicinity 30 seconds to leave. Once this timeframe has concluded, players may shoot anyone on sight. 7.4 Players are permitted to third party a robbery as long as they send a group declaration to the Police. 7.5 Any players within 1.5km of the federal reserve whilst the expanded KOS zone is active, after a 30 second grace period, that have a primary weapon visible or secondary weapon in hands may be shot. Players exiting vehicles with secondary weapons under these circumstances must be given a chance to holster the weapon before being shot
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    Hello OzzyGamers! The long-awaited release date for 4.5 is finally here! After many late nights and grueling FiveM restart announcements (hopefully someone still has @everyone enabled on discord) we are proud to announce OzzyGaming 4.5.2 will finally be ready to release on Friday the 6th of September at 3:00pm AEST! To celebrate we’ve given everyone 15 million and anyone who runs out can come to helpdesk for a refill! We’ve saved all your old stuff already so no need to worry, Whatever you had on Sunday 01/09/19 will be what you have when Altis Life 4.5 is released, so go wild! On a more boring note, bunch of rule updates so go read the changelog. P.S. If your name is Fartic come talk to Asaayu on Teamspeak at your earliest convenience. EDIT: When the update is released everyone will have to have their whitelisting redone, anyone who does not come to get their whitelisting done within the first week will have to reapply for that faction. SPOILER_civilianIntro.mp3 SPOILER_medicIntro.mp3 SPOILER_policeIntro.mp3
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    G'day Gamers. As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Clear your cache to avoid any unforeseen game issues. !!! IMPORTANT !!! How to clear your cache: Added: Brand new drug system. There are now three types of drugs, all three types have several steps of collection rather than simply just one. The idea is to mix all of the drug components together in the processing areas. Each step will give you "favour" with the drug type you are collecting/processing. Information Dealer All drug locations are no longer marked on the map. However, there is an information dealer that will be marked on the map at certain times during the night. Favour System For every action, you will receive favour in that particular drug type. However, it will decrease your favour in other drug types. With more favour, there is less chance of alerting Police, less chance of failing in collection/processing, and a higher chance of creating a high yield batch). Collection There is a chance that you will fail in the collection, which will result in you receiving a damaged version of the item that is unusable. There is a chance that Police will be alerted to the general area where you are collecting. Processing There is a chance that you will fail in processing which will result in you creating a low yield batch of drugs. There is a chance that you will create a 'miraculous' batch which will result in the creation of a high yield batch There is a chance that Police will be alerted to the general area where you are processing Vangelico robbery has been overhauled and now requires you to smash cases in order to receive items. The type of weapon used to smash the cases matters. Melee and small firearms do not do well. However, larger rifles do a better job of getting through the case. (Higher risk, higher reward.) Players can sell their goods at lesters factory (near the mission row PD). Store Robberies have been overhauled. They now slightly more reflect the vanilla GTA 5 store robberies. Simply pull a gun on the clerk. They will put their hands up, and the longer you pull the gun on them, the more money you will gradually get. Brand new nightclub has been added. Sunshine autos now have a new building in Paleto Bay. The following building locations have new door locks: SCC/FIB Building Vanilla Unicorn Fishers Autos Jail system has been replaced as there were issues with the previous one. Rather than being stuck in a jail cell, prisoners will now be able to roam the yards. Additionally, players now have the option to pay bail (500K flat rate across all charges). Police Officers now have access to binoculars (press Y). EMS personnel now have access to a CPR revive. EMS personnel now have access to "/refreshpatient" this should reveal hidden players. Pillbox interior has been added for testing purposes. EMS Personnel may use this interior. However, they do not have any on duty points in that building. Seat belt. Players now have the option to press "B" to toggle their seat belt, failure to do this can result in being launched out of the vehicle in collisions. New police command "/policeproximity" This will alert any nearby civilians within 350M of the source player with their desired message. New police command "showBadge" this will display the Police Officers name and rank. Extended Mission Row interior. NPC's for Vanilla Unicorn. Measures to alleviate voice spam on server join. Whistle hotkey, hold "H". Lottery CO is now located in the Life Invader building. Voice area is now represented with a visual outline. Modified: The loading screen has been updated Death messages have been fixed, and now display a distance variable. /me now utilises a different style. Police vehicle colour point now does not require officers to have money on them. The Wallet script has been re-written more efficiently and now has been re-added. Business owners should use /sf to get their business account information. Fuel system. Vehicle HUD. Food and Water HUD. Various features of the chat. Relaxed some vehicle inventory restrictions. SSA circles have been fixed. Hotkey for police cuffing is now "shift + g". This is to avoid the classic running cuffing.
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    Hey everyone, my name is Sam, I'm from WA, and have been looking for a role play server in Australia for a while. I work for a local shop, love hiking, camping and caving, off work I'm a volunteer with fire brigade and SES, and working my way up to as a lieutenant. Also working my way to be a career firefighter. I'm hoping to join the police force in this community soon.
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    Welcome Back, I’ll look forward to meeting you back on Altis! ;D
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