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  3. Subscriptions do not renew automatically and they require a manual renewal
  4. https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/clients/purchases/
  5. Hello, How do you manage your active monthly Subscription? Is there somewhere on the forum for recurring Subscriptions? Thanks
  6. yoo!!

    knew to the city been playing about a week..say hi if ya see me

    cheers jaydub levo

  7. Last week
  8. How can we get a towing license and how much does it cost?
  9. I couldn’t play last night because of it... I regret everything... cough cough creates new forum post to advocate for 150 slots
  10. Server slots go to 180 Fps and Textures "Im off now, have a good one yeah "
  11. Welcome back mate! Reach out if there is anything that you're unfamiliar with or need some assistance on
  12. I wouldn't either the way performance and textures have gone...
  13. Can't fix it currently I think its a server / resource issue.
  14. I cant see others tattoos sometimes, how do I fix that
  15. It’s happened I don’t want to claim credit but....
  16. Axe

    WiZz - Ben Timely

    Join me I'll show you a whole new world
  17. i missed you big man been ages hows the kids?
  18. dont go over 200km/h or you will fall through the map
  19. just stay out of legion!! texture loss.. is a butch..
  20. Seems to be about what I'd expect for a graphics mod of it's caliber. If you want absolutely the best than it's still your best bet, others may be better for performance.
  21. There have been mixed reports stating that NVE has caused a drop in frames but for others a slight increase. My experience with it, I went from 50fps down to [email protected] Disappointment
  22. Im running an i7-4770, GTX 1080, 24GB RAM. The only occasionaly thing I get is texture loss but apart from that I dont notice anything less then 60fps which matches my screen refresh rate anyway.
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