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Police Force Q & A

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Blue Warriors

I am getting questions about the Police Force. I did make a forum post on the old forums but that is in the ether.

Here is a few answers to questions I have been asked. If you have a question please ask, the Cabinet and I are here to help.

- Police Force overview
General Duties will be the bread and butter, everyone will be in GD but can have access to support/part time area.  There must be a certain number of GD members patrolling before any support/part time area can be activated.

- Support/Part Time Areas
SPG, Traffic, Pilot, Detective and Undercover will be coming back. What I said before, there must be a certain number of active GD members patrolling before these can be activated.

- Trainings
I will not make you do them again. Once is enough, some part time areas will have trainings.

- Ranks
The reason for the ranks change, I made that for a way to see who is active and playing. The Cabinet will be targeting people for jobs in the future.

I believe in a community voice. I will make a vote for the ratio of Police to Civs. Do I make it  50% (half) of civs numbers, make it 75% (1 to 3) or just make no rules?

Going on a holiday next week for a week so will be doing a meeting after that.

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