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The Silverback

What would you like to see more of?

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I want to know, what would we all like to see more of in terms of events? 

Please comment specifics not just 'More events'. I know we want more, but what? Do you want to see demo durbys? Kart racing? RP Events? TDM's? Random server events? 

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More rp events, they tend to be better then the random minigame ones. Stuff like convoys and other rp scenarios.

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Just a few that I have been apart of / helped run and some new ones that may have been mentioned before.


- Races / The amazing race

- Defend / capture

- Roleplay events (Nuts did a few with a storyline type thing)

- Random pop up events (Ikea truck with crafting supplies has flipped due to Bulldogs driving etc.) 

- Infected? (Dunno how we could do that but it's an idea)

- Hide and seek (Ghost Hotel)

- TDM, 3v3s ,5v5s, laser tag so on

- Good old Hunger Games

- Cop v civ

- Country invasion (CSAT, Syndicate, AI or players (Admins) attack Altis

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I know yall love them RP events, but if people dont show up we cant do them. We have to have at least a decent handful of people to jump on to get it done. Myself and Nuts are happy to do these so long as we all actually play lol. 

RP events always have a nice big lead up to, so advertising for at least a few days minimum whereas minigames can be set up practically on the day if we want. 

But keep chucking ideas please this is good! Im just saying if we want more RP events we need more of you to jump on at the same time :D 

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