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By this i mean make it so that you have to work for your money, i know there are alot of servers that have this including some of the major ones. You could implement a food and water system like what we had in Arma where you have to eat and drink to stay alive and have the possibility to buy houses/apartments and cars so that you cant spawn in ones and store them

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Ho Ole.

Currently, we have not implemented a food/water system, however, we can definitely add this if enough people want it.

Regarding money making and buying apartments/cars, this is already a feature we have implemented. You can make money by obtaining a job from the job centre. You can also do illegal activities which will give you dirty money as a reward, you will then be required to launder the dirty money before it is usable. You are able to buy multiple apartments/houses spread across the main city. You can also buy storable cars from the car dealership.

Thank you for the suggestion.

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Sweet, i look forward to playing it, but im now a ho, dam

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