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  1. Hi

    Welcome to OzzyGaming
  2. Welcome back to Ozzy Diane Mcaskill
  3. Welcome Toad, Great to see you join us
  4. Welcome to OzzyGaming!
  5. G'day OzzyGamers, I'd like to announce that the OzzyGaming Exile server is well into development and should be released in the next coming weeks... Over the past few days the Exile Development team have been creating Ozzy's Exile server. As some of you may know, this was a mission that I began in 2016 with the help of other OzzyGaming team members. Unfortunately, due to resourcing issues, Exile was never released, although it did reach the end of its QA phase and was almost ready for launch. I am extremely happy to see our Exile server coming back and the Exile team have been doing some great work to get this project back up and running. I will make another release soon to explain more about the server itself, but until then, feel free to pop into the Exile text channels on our discord and get involved with the conversation. Have your say! What would you like to see on this server? Feel free to strike up a conversation in these channels and our exile developers; John Smith, Chris Evans and barks will be more than happy to read your suggestions and comments. I will try my hardest to keep you updated, but I know if I don't, those three will. Another Quality Assurance phase will be setup pre-release, so if you are interested in getting early access to the Exile server keep your eyes peeled for the sign up forms!
  6. This is an awesome list! Well done. You've put in a lot of effort here, so thank you for that As for implementation, as I'm sure you are aware, the Dev team is extremely busy at the moment but I can tell you that this has been looked at and is getting positive reactions. Community voice matters, so if the community shows us they want something then it'll probably happen
  7. Welcome Frapiz! What servers of ours are you playing?
  8. G'day Team, As most of you are probably aware by now, there has been a change in Police Cabinet for our FiveM server. They have requested that you post your details that they have asked for in the LSPD channel on our Discord so that they can change ranks and add you into the new database. Please also note, due to a hacker last night, all ranks were reset. Some of you may have your previous rank still, and some will be unemployed because of this incident.
  9. Welcome @MATRIX
  10. Looking forward to it!
  11. I agree, same goes with striders and ifrits....Doesn't take much to buy them and are such an effective tool that can be, if you play smart, kept for a very long time. personally I have the opinion that armoured vehicles should only be able to be crafted.
  12. The Altis life events team will be running events all weekend! Jump on the server and join in! There will be announced large scale events as well as unannounced events on the server over the weekend! There will be prizes and a whole heap of fun so get into it More details to come for the large events
  13. As the new Police Commissioner has entered office, our journalism team has received information from the commissioners office from a freedom of information request. Our team has been informed of increased drug activity on the island of Altis including many new small and large organised criminal operations in which vast amounts of narcotics are being transported around the Island from our Shipping Ports. The Commissioner has said the APD is doing all it can with its resources to bring this criminal activity to a stop. Drug sting operations have been increasingly reported by civilians of Altis around the island in these last few months. A confidential source has informed the Altis News Team that Police activity is increasing today and another sting is expected in the next few hours. The Police Commissioner could not be contacted for further comment. More details to follow...
  14. Try telling that to the die hard CSGO fans...or the 300-000 to 500,000 average players every day lol Personally I find it boring after a while too, its not really my style but.....the numbers talk