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  1. I was going to say I'd leak a number of your IP for every mistake you make but...I've been told we aren't shifting to a higher IP level until a wee while away now....
  2. I hope you dont make this many mistakes when you dev
  3. I will remove a developer from Altis life
  4. Not targeting you with this, just using your quote to then further my point that Altis is getting more attention now than it has previously. There would be nothing wrong with giving it more attention you are correct
  5. It seems to keep going over heads that the people that are running these new game servers HAVE NOT COME FROM ALTIS LIFE. We have in no way taken staff/developers away from Altis life to work on other projects. We have added MORE people to work on Altis, and brought in others who were interested in making other servers to make those servers. Therefore, Altis is NOT receiving less attention than it was before. It is getting more work done now than it has in a while. We have more people focusing specifically on Altis now than we have in a good amount of time. The dev team is focusing on Altis, the executive team is focusing on Altis. I'm not sure what the issue here is? Please think of this logically, we have added more staff. CSGO has ONE person focused on it, that is only interested in running Altis life. If we didnt have a CSGO server, that manager would not be here, thus no benefit and the lose of a server....
  6. Like I've said before, I don't believe we will ever replace a non-modded life server for a modded life server. However, that does not mean we won't add a modded server to run alongside a non-modded server as another option for those who want it if we as a community request it and player base supports it.
  7. It's a tricky one. You have people who don't dick around when they pull a corrupt RP and its actually decent, and then you get those who pull a 'corrupt' RP for personal gain. It makes it hard to make a rule on corruption, because how can we rule out one person who will do it in the name of good RP and the other who will do it in the name of personal gain, without creating too strict a rule that then results in diminished RP because of the multitude of rules we have needed to add on corruption. We get stuck in this paradox of too many rules around corruption meaning that corruption RP cannot be good because its so limited or too little rules and people take advantage of corruption for their own personal gain. Corruption RP needs a lot of talking and time if we don't want to completely rule it out imo otherwise it'll be same old same old with joe blogs thinking he can go on a killing rampage and because all the citizens he killed are dead they cant go to cabinet or helpdesk...
  8. If people will play, we will make one. All it takes is a few of ya to tell us you want it, and we'll do our best to make it
  9. I could not agree with Pedro more. We have seen time and time again modded servers being started in our region and dying months later max 3-9 months because players just drop off. This isn't because of poor management or badly run servers or small pop to begin with, believe you me, some of these servers have maxed out at 150+ on release and have known members of the Arma Modded community running them. This region just falls flat for modded servers, and I'm not sure why, but its been proven time and time again. If we as a community really want one, then there is nothing stopping us from making one. But it cannot, and should not, be a replacement of the non-modded server we run so long as us as a community still want that, which is what we are saying we want to keep.
  10. Play nice. Preferably on the server