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  1. +1 Both me and all my friends get really annoyed when we have to sit there trying to join the server. I tried for 30 minutes the other day before I got in
  2. Yeah, even that would be good
  3. I would like to suggest some kind of change to the chat box. Whenever I am playing as a mechanic, the menu on the left is covered when someone sends a message the menu is covered and I have to wait for it to disappear. I just think it would be a bit easier if it could either have the ability to be hidden or moved.. I know this may not be a big problem for most people apart from maybe the animations menu but for mechanics who are almost always in that menu, it's a real pain. Either way, thanks.
  4. The way the current dealership is run is fine. They won't sell to you if you walk in and start shooting up the place or start talking smack but apart from that they will always sell to you..
  5. The fact that a Realestate agent would have to be online (in my opinion) just adds to the RP! Same with the Mechanic & Car Dealer
  6. Hey man, there's really not a lot of information I can give. If I press F1 (It doesn't always occur) my game freezes for about 20 seconds, which of course drops me from the server because of no response for 10 seconds. "Timed out after 10 seconds" error. To be honest, it's probably just my trashy PC. Thanks for the help anyway but I'll just have to live with it if no one else is having the issue.
  7. So, I have been having this issue since I started played a little less than a week ago, a lot of the time when I press F1 to open the phone it will freeze my game for about 20 seconds which causes me to be dropped from the server. This may be an issue with my PC but it is happening a lot and is getting quite annoying.
  8. So, I recently started playing on the server and upon joining I noticed that in the custom controls that you display, it says "F3 - Animations" or something like that. I was trying for a while to get that working but recently found out it actually doesn't do that. So, I had two suggestions regarding this. The first one being, remove it so that newer players (Like I was at the time) don't get confused and wonder why it's not working. Second, you should bind it to a button. Simplest thing would be just bind it to F3 / F4 (Bendacat told me that F3 is used for something admin related)
  9. Hello, My name is Johnny Maxwell. I currently am looking to join SS Customs as I have noticed you are a little short staffed at the moment. I have noticed that with just the few staff members you have, you are the most popular mechanic organisation in Los Santos. I think I could be a great addition as I have vast knowledge of Los Santos' streets as I grew up here. I am great behind the wheel of a working car aswell as a not so working car. I also haven't had any trouble with the law apart from a speeding ticket so you wouldn't be hiring a felon. I would love to be a part of your team and look forward to a response. Sincerely, Johnny Maxwell