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  1. If you grind enough mining and dont spend stupidly you can sit on enough money to survive with a gun or car here or there and be fine
  2. second hand dealer is a great idea kind of wish the server had car break downs and saved damage so you could sell fixer upers
  3. its a good list lots of great choices for less fortunate people on the server and billy the cars handling files can be nerfed if they are stupidly fast etc
  4. just one thing is it a evo 7 or a 2013 evo because they are two different things
  5. Names: Rick Sanchez / Dingy Sanchez About us: We are a father and son who have worked together for a few years doing mining my son Dingy has been studying business during the night after work. Our mission:Our mission is to bring a fair trading environment to the mining industry being miners ourselves we understand that its hard to work so long to only be short sold your minerals or just plain and simple ignored while trying to sell them. Business structure: Our business structure would be that people could come to us after smelting their ore and sell their minerals to us and to barter the prices and new comers could give us a message on our phone app to get assistance along the way as they first start mining. OOC: so thats the current idea would be happy to expand on that its just a concept that Caldwell suggested and we think it would be great. Staff Members: CEO/Founder's: Rick Sanchez/Dingy Sanchez
  6. also the cars sitting on the lot would be pretty cool but they dont even do that with new cars which i think would be a better use
  7. yes but selling back to the dealer is just making the problem worse how would it help boost the eccon if people are selling cars to dealers for a third of its original price then others get charged 2 thirds of its original price it doesnt work also exploits happen no matter what its not hard to stop them though most exploits are due to old stuff left that users know about from ages back
  8. So my first suggestion would be the ability for members to sell or trade their cars with other members as i think it would boost the economy and haveless people grinding 3 daysfor a supra it could also benifit the rp situations like test driving a cqr to make sure its good etc My secondsuggestion is custom plates but i umderstand there may be issues there but still custom plates can make a 4 a 10 if you know what i mean Third syggestion is a automated system at car dealers so if a dealer isnt on duty you could go buy cars which if hooked into the dealer right would use the same base prices so people arent enticed to buy cars when the dealers are off. Fourth and final suggestion bring more variety and quantity of gta v/online cars like the ones on there now are so expensive as its either a 1 off or just "rare" i personally would like to more then the same generic "expensive cars" around the city Thanks for reading if you got this far