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  1. i want a taxi service so i dont have to skrrt on the popo all the time
  2. just saying most people can not be bothered to grind like that, they just want to have fun instead of driving a truck around for 6 hours.
  3. most people get bored of 6 hours of grinding and give up
  4. I feel like their should be an option to make some people in the groups people that can invite people and kick people from groups because when the leader of the group gets off you have to restart the group if they decide to not transfer leadership. it would be pretty handy when your in a hot situation and have someone else that can invite people to the group.
  5. It wont matter he is of no value
  6. the name is plissken you silly goose
  7. no one lies they just say things that are not true
  8. you should not call people degenerates because that is RUDE