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  1. Its because the navmesh is disabled to stop the CPU from dying on startup. I can turn it on if its something you want to see on, just let me know. Some people prefer it on, some prefer it off.
  2. G'day OzzyGamers. As you may have seen by now, we have just launched an OzzyGaming Rust server. The server is a 2x gather server, with a variety of plugins to improve the game for many of you. If you want to see a different server, for example, a vanilla, or a gathering rate with vanilla, please let us know and we may facilitate this at some point in the future. Server Information The server can be accessed in-game, via the IP:, or by searching for "OzzyGaming". We will be looking for a Manager, Admins & Support Staff for the rust server, though this will come in due time. Applications will open soon, and once you have some time played on the server, if you wish the help out, you can submit an application. Donations for the server are setup and will be applied automatically. You can donate if you wish at www.ozzygaming.com.au/donate Server Plugins The server is running over 40 plugins, though here are just some of the most useful ones for our players: Clans Reborn Auto Doors Better Chat BGrade (Donors Only) Kits Instant Crafting Friends Friendly Fire No Decay No Escape Teleportation Quick Smelting Warps Quick Sorting And many more. Bugs & Permission Issues There are a lot of plugins, and thus lots of things to test, and lots of permissions to implement. If we missed a bug, or you can't do something you should be able to do, please message me on discord, or reply to this thread with the issue, and I'll try to get it resolved as soon as possible.
  3. And yet a lot of things in this video would have gotten you a ban/cop blacklist. Interesting isn't it...
  4. Everything should be back online now. http://tools.ozzygaming.com.au/ The old site will redirect here shortly.
  5. No, Molotov, If that was the case you would already be gone....
  6. The following is a quick reference to the Ozzygaming team. This post may be deleted later if we display this information better somewhere else. The community as a whole is managed by the following team. Director: - Ryan Executive Team: - The Silverback - Zaydan - Caldweld Support Team: - ---- The following are community support roles. They may or may not have varying levels of administrative authority, depending on their needs and role. Systems Administrator: - Kieran Web/Tools Development: - Teamspeak Manager: - Discord Manager: - ---- Each server is managed by a server manager, who appoints a server team to assist them with managing the server. The community team (above) will generally refer you to the relevant server team for most server issues. Development for each server also falls under the individual server teams, however the community team may also be involved in the planning and execution of development. Each server has a sub-forum with an announcements section. This announcement section should have a post listing the team for that server. Links to these threads will be added below for convenience. Arma 3 Altis Life: GTAV FiveM: CS:GO Surf: