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  1. So basically, I was working as a 'Car Dealer - Patron' when I decided to make a new character so I could put pants on (my other character had no pants), but for some reason when I deleted ONE of my characters, it deleted BOTH of them, so I not only lost my main character, but I lost my job too and can't get it back. Below is a link of the video show that I was a car dealer and the exact moment that the game bugged and deleted the wrong character (I deleted the 'Billy Doinkman' that wasn't active, but it deleted the 'Billy Doinkman' that was active too.) https://youtu.be/WeuiuYhaZEs My IGN is 'Socks', and my steamID is STEAM_0:1:229764611, could a staff member please give my job back? Cheers
  2. Yeah, I was thinking the drunk animation would be good as well, that would be pretty cool and it would be really obvious that you need to eat/drink. One problem I can already see, though. You shouldn't be drunk while driving, only while on foot, otherwise you'll crash your car while driving to the store. Cheers
  3. My suggestion is simple, either remove the need to drink/eat completely, or fix it. Right now the food and water system is useless, it adds absolutely nothing to the server and doesn't make it more fun or realistic or anything, it's just an annoying feature that randomly kills you if you don't pay attention. Countless times I've been in an RP situation or doing something else important on the server when all of a sudden I've just dropped dead... it's so dumb... If you don't remove the system completely, you should AT LEAST add some kind of improved warning system for when you're dehydrated/starving, maybe text flashes at the top of your screen or something, because a lot of the time people are too busy RPing and having fun to pay attention to the food at water bar above their map. Or, if you wanted to make it more realistic, make it so your character can't sprint or moves super slowly when they are dehydrated/hungry, that way you actually know you need to drink and eat when you see that you're moving super slowly. I just REALLY want this stupid feature to be fixed or removed. I am so SICK of randomly dropping dead while in the middle or important RP scenarios. Cheers