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  1. Name: Mem Denino Why?: Ever since the day i was born i always had the dream of becoming a successful business man, and my love for cars made me determined to become a owner of a Taxi business as it would be a dream job for me ever since i was a child. I accomplished this goal but unfortunately the city i was in became a ghost town which caused my business to go down a downfall and no longer made money to provide food on my table.. I decided to move on from that city on to a different city called 'Ozzy Gaming' and begin a new life. I am determined to start from scratch and build up this business in to a successful one not only for the money but to create a community of taxi drivers that enjoy there job and create the days were having a nice conversation with your designated driver from A to B enjoyable once again. How?: To achieve this i will make sure everyone that works under Downtown cab co is suited for the job and not only in for the money and to do this i will make people that would like to work for downtown cab co to have a personal meeting with myself and get asked questions. Prices: 0-1 miles = $50 1-2 miles = $100 3 miles+ = $200 On Saturdays and Sundays from 9pm to 3pm will be free of charge and all rides that are for (EMS,Police) will be free of charge as respect to the people that work to save our lives and keep the city safe. Kind Regards -Mem