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  1. With the population still a bit unstable I don't think it's a think we should primarily consider but if the population was back to normal, I don't think any restrictions are necessary. I guess it now and then is unrealistic but at least we got players
  2. Modded servers are fun but is a large fuss to get use to. Underbelly was a nice modded server but it took to long to download all the assets and mods. After hours, I loaded in to find out I had to download task force radio and connect the teamspeak server dedication to it or I'll get a black screen every 20 seconds saying "download task force manager bitch" I was like 'fuck nao'
  3. Was autocorrect and we had a good fight last 2 days ago while I was making my checkpoint that was in north kav Yeah dude not gunna lie i wasn't involved in that
  4. To Jack ‘Pumpkin’ “Let’s Play” cracks and shots North Kav Love, Senior Constable of GD and Highway patrol but trainings got reset so no longer highway patrol now lightblue public uniform and likley the only senior Constable at the moment, Ser Valence
  5. Friend to the police hmm. Lies
  6. I had to save someone’s life, I was a medic
  7. Honestly, I don’t think we need a bounty hunter. We already have a load of people doing illegal stuff and I’m sure not a single person has done apples, iron, gold, just cocaine and drugs. When we sparked population two days ago, the first thing I had to encounter as a cop is a declaration...
  8. Don't want to cause shots but, I bet every member has made a post like this. Studying results of polls off players that don't touch the server ain't gonna help. From most player's perspective: - If I see a server with 2 players, I won't hop on. The hopes on runnning into them on a major 32x32km map. ^ We need people to convince others to join. People want to interract with others, that's why they ignore us and the many with bad population. Our server is well built. We once was part of the 3 top Oceania servers. I don't think 'bad administration' turned every single player away. Get your buddies on, mess around. Atleast for 10 minutes, doing the entire server a favour at being revived for this graveyard!