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  1. Yeah, it changes based on the time of day I believe. Daylight, sunset, night, sunrise etc. Pretty cool.
  2. I believe some of these malicious acts could be considered someone using the rules as kind of "the blood rule" from various sports. If someone finds themselves in a difficult situation or has lost something valuable, they may force a rule break by another player or contact an admin to put something out of RP. The usual and worst one is to go to helpdesk and pull the situation back 30 minutes to a minor rule issue in an attempt to delegitimise the rest of the encounter. It is correct to say this is at least equal fault of the rules for allowing such things to occur. These kind of things are certainly the main drive/consideration behind a serious update to the helpdesk/rules system. It comes back to all these games such as DayZ, Exile, Rust etc. Some people want to want to shoot on sight and some people want to talk to people. It's hard to say one person is playing right or wrong. It's just unfortunate that it only takes one person to be the 'shoot on site' guy for the more social player to not be able to trust anyone at all. We want to have not many rules, so that we do less helpdesk situations and players have more freedom, but then it creates the drama of having small groups that go around being the law, under whatever gang flag they want to wave. Too many rules and people a) don't know them and b) will always break one of them; creating more work. But it goes back to the 'charade' of OzzyGaming Altis Life being a full serious RP server. It's a hard thing to be when you're a public vanilla server.
  3. G'day OzzyGamers! Many of you may be aware of sweeping changes within the server management team. Notably, Aaron has stepped down from Founding Director. After some consultation between Storm and Ryan, it was decided that Ryan would instead be made the Director and he would lead the community. Storm has now chosen to be involved in the community as just a community member, and will not be having any direct involvement in the staff team of the server. For those of you who don't know, Ryan has been around the community for many years. He was a previous server manager and developer who left the community at the end of 2016. Ryan has since been doing Arma development for our friends at StrayaGaming as well as running his own server hosting business. Ryan has the unique ability to be able to heavily subsidize the server hosting costs for the time being due to his business connection. Following the news of Ryan's appointment and former management stepping aside, a flood of former community members with management and development experience have returned to the community. This includes the appointment of a new server management team which is still being refined. Further details of this structure will be released when available. - Moving forward, we plan to overhaul what OzzyGaming is and how it operates in order to make it a more enjoyable community for everyone. Our biggest ambition is to ditch the 'OzzyGaming is an Altis Life server' stigma that has been with the community since it formed. OzzyGaming will be a community, not just a game server. We believe that be giving the community more outlets than just Altis life, everyone can become more tolerant of each other rather than focusing on a few Altis Life disagreements. You will notice over the coming days and weeks that we will be launching multiple other game platforms, outside of just Arma 3. While nothing is final just yet, we are looking into the following servers: FiveM (GTA V RP), CSGO Surf, Exile and Arma KOTH just to name a few. I should note that Altis life will be staying! No game is out of the question and we may also launch seasonal game servers as well depending on the current trends. We plan to fix a few issues with the current Altis Life mission, namely relating to stability, and the addition of an Anti-Cheat. In the long-term, we plan on rebuilding a completely new mission file on the Altis Life 5.0 framework, which comes with new features and stability updates. We will also be completely remaking and fixing features that currently exist on the Altis Life server, and add our own new features that have been proposed by the OzzyGaming community and staff team. This update will likely not happen for a month or more, and will come with a server wipe, though once again, this will not happen for quite some time. More details on these features and our extended plan for the Altis Life server shall be released sometime in the future. Along with new games, we plan to release a completely new website (which this is on now) and branding in the next week to signify the change. TeamSpeak will also be overhauled with less focus on Altis life. We have also launched a discord server, which will also be replacing the private staff slack, allowing us to involve the community in our discussions more. Discord will mainly be used as a text chat program for the community with TeamSpeak being the main voice server. Within staff, the main agenda is to eliminate the 'us and them' attitude. Everyone is part of the community, everyone is welcome here, no matter if you just log onto TeamSpeak once a month, check the forums or play Altis life every day. Staff members are simply the loyal members of the community who are entrusted with powers to keep order and help people. There will be no more "If you don't like it, leave" attitude by the new management team. Hopefully, the changes we are making are received positively by the general community. I am more than happy to listen and explain things to people one on one in TeamSpeak if you give me a poke. Feel free to also reply here or make some forum threads for discussion. Again, nothing is set in stone and we are just getting the ball rolling, but we are very eager to make Ozzy great again. Regards, Zaydan (loves a title) Executive
  4. I want my Silverback, Silverback, Silverback
  5. Modded KOTH out now

    That sounds good. The problem I always have with modded is that I typically just default to Vanilla weaponry because it seems more reliable, looks better etc. If you didn't have that option, it would probably be more fun and everyone is on the same playing field. Shame on the map, I would have thought they would use a modded one. Although I know you people are Altis fanboys.
  6. We already had a small team in place, mainly the founding members. However, we are certainly looking for motivated people to be involved in the operation of the force at a senior level. As we roll out the server in the coming days, we'll begin looking more into these things.
  7. Modded KOTH out now

    What map is it on?
  8. It is 'fabulous' to have you.
  9. I think it is a good idea to have. Sure people can fight and be negative, however it really is a good place for generic interactions. I stand by the point that a lot of people in the recent months have been negative due to low server pop and disagreement with previous management and I forsee those issues generally being solved in the near future. I'll campaign for your shoutbox @Molotov
  10. G'day Gamers, We had a few ideas to change donator channels in TeamSpeak with the new server. There is a poll* attached for you to vote on and I encourage you to post your additional comments/suggestions for how it should work. This should also fix some of the contentions around how donator channels work with the order of them etc. I am personally interested in cutting down the number of channels as much as possible. I will also note that we have removed the concept of a list of private staff channels. Instead, there will be generic private channels that staff have exclusive access to but not necessarily just for that one staff member. Staff can donate to have private channels, like any other member of the community. Obviously donations are an essential part of the community to keep it running. We need to find a line between turning things into a cash grab and giving rewards/respect to the community for supporting it. Poll 1: Order of names Many people get upset about this in terms of someone else's name above theirs etc. I think it would be helpful to have a standard to avoid arguments. Options: Alphabetical - Vey simple and fair, easy to find names. Some people could change their names etc. to game the system Amount Donated - Top of the list is the top donator. Makes donations competitive and seems logical top donator, top channel. Date Joined Community - Pretty simple, oldest donating member at the top (Date joined original Altis life) New channels added to the bottom - Simply each time we add a new channel, it goes to the bottom of the list, hard to keep track of. Poll 2: Channel permissions As I said, I'd like to reduce the channels. If you think about the current 2 channel process, it is a bit of a waste. Everyone generally only uses one or the other, you can't really use both at once. The top channel is typically a 'lobby' for the main subscribe/join power channel. It isn't ideal to have a lobby to every single channel, it adds up. In previous instances, management cracked the sads about donators editing the settings of their channels. In my opinion, who cares? it's just TeamSpeak permissions and as long as it doesn't become vulnerable to exploitation, you should be able to do whatever you want with it. Passwords, join power, subscribe power, edit descriptions, give perms to their friends etc. Who cares? Of course, there is an element of 'it looks nice' to have them look all the same to be fair. Options: Current system - One lobby channel and one secondary channel for high tier donators with subscribe/join power. One channel with elevated permissions - The more you donate, the more access you have to channel permissions. i.e. basic $30 donator has a public channel that they own, donate more and you can have join power, more and you can have a password, more and you can have subscribe power etc. Let us know what you think in the poll. If you have a better idea, let us know! #FirstPoll #DefinatelyNotTheLast *Poll is an indication only and may not represent the final product
  11. It looks really cool. I was pretty hyped for it after I saw it in October last year. I played the closed alpha and it was pretty crap. Frames were crap, graphics were aids, game play seemed very simplistic with no obvious goal. To be fair it was an Alpha.