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OzzyGaming Altis Life has been released! Jump on and try it out! Police & EMS are recruiting - Police Whitelisting ApplicationsEMS Whitelisting Applications. Please make sure you are up to date with the Server Rules.

FiveM Police Rank Evaluation Form (LSC+)

!!! You must be a LEADING SENIOR CONSTABLE or HIGHER in order to submit this evaluation form !!!

Important: Staff members do not deal with police administration, only police administration officers can view or accept police rank evaluations.

On top of submitting this form, you will require other officers that have worked with you to vouch for you in the comment section of the thread this form will create. 

Evaluations are usually reviewed at least once per day but may take up to 1 week. Rest assured your evaluation will be reviewed and feedback provided without the need for you to chase it up.


  • This will be the name you have saved in your steam window that also acts as your DEL menu name in the FiveM server.

  • This can be found next to your name in your Discord Client.

  • This is the Callsign you have been assigned to put into your Teamspeak name. e.g. [C1-03]

  • This can be found at fivem.ozzy.life

  • These can be found in section 19.0 of Police Protocol. If you do not meet these basic requirements, your rank evaluation will not be considered.

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