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  4. Just wanted to say hi
  6. I for one welcome our lord and saviour hayden brick.
  8. G'day all new people and the OG's i have recently returned from a 3 month vacation down in the Bahamas. I am looking forward to continuing my OzzyGaming journey with you all. Fresh new start any beef i had before i left i would like squashed.
  9. Last week
  10. Thanks for the kind comments, the staff team really appreciate when we know you're enjoying the service we provide. See you around!
  11. Welcome! Glad to see you've read the rules, not many do that before playing so well done Have a great time on our server and reach out if you need help with anything
  12. Hey guys my IGN is tioN for many games I mainly played FPS and some MMO's throughout life, I dabbled in some RP during my time playing gmod and a few games of DnD here and there overall though I'm still very inexperienced any advice you all would of liked when you started is much appreciated. I've gone through the rules to try and familiarize myself with what's acceptable and what isn't so hopefully I can run into some of you out there and I'm not a complete flop at this lol.
  13. Welcome to OzzyGaming mate, Great to have you with us
  14. Hello there, I've been apart of OzzyGaming for few weeks now and I honestly have had a blast the entire time. This is my first FiveM experience and it's probably been the best RP I've ever had. In the interest in keeping this short and simple, I'm Fredrick Hammersmith/George Papadakis/Hans Schmidt and you'll be seeing me around a great deal more. Also if you see me in TS feel free to chat, I'm always up to chill with new people. Thanks, Demo
  15. Hey!

    Welcome mate! Enjoy your stay
  16. Thanks for the Update! I hope you guys fix the RZ paint problem!
  17. Shams what happened to the suspect in the grey vehicle on Elgin Ave?
  18. I actually had to take out the sonata when it started raining last night haha
  19. @Zaydanhave you managed to put in the new ems vehicles by chance...?
  20. @Caldweld was the one who took it upon himself to fix the PD car handling x Zaydan uses (Deflects hate) It was super effective.
  21. Can't wait to try these new ELS updates
  22. +1 to Shams, the camry I can't take off without doing a 3 second long skid, if it's raining I use the hilux or evoke lol.
  23. @Zaydan the PD Camry has too much torque and corners like a drift car, i think the old handling was fine imo
  24. is there a list of vehicle's handling that have changed?
  25. OzzyGaming FiveM Changelog Current Version: 2.2.1 Date: 16/03/2019 All 3 FiveM servers have now been updated to V2.2.1 We hope you'll enjoy our recent work and as always we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, otherwise, if you have any bugs to be squished, let us know! ------- Added: - Checking for solo instanced players (Currently disabled for further testing) - Additional logging. Exploiters will be caught much easier. Changed: - ELS patterns and controls overhauled. - Warning/Info signs should now work. Toggle using '7', the pattern is off by default. - Individual lights can be toggled using 'Y' (Secondary), 'U' (Warning) and 'L' (Primary). - Lighting patterns can be changed again using '6' and '8'. - The takedown spotlights have been moved to '4' to avoid conflict with engine controls. - Turned back on some of the lights on vehicles that had been disabled. Some issues may occur, please report any bugs. - Police Impound function only accessible by Sergeants and above - Adjusted a few menus wording and format - Updated staff perms to latest team members - A couple vehicles handling has been adjusted, including the Chiron. Removed: Fixed: - Missing safe zone markers should now be back in. - Lilys Automotive issues should be resolved and be fully functional. - Issues with /me being visible above all players. (Still appears to be having issues)
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