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    howdy fellow gamerino
  3. Welcome, I hope your time here is everything you want it to be
  4. Cheers. Looking forward to meeting everyone and making some new mates.
  5. Welcome to the city and OzzyGaming! Hope to see you around the city mate! Let us know if you have any issues or questions - Cube
  6. Rodger Feces

  7. Yesterday
  8. Job Levels

    You get paid whenever you complete a delivery or landscaping job.
  9. Got any turtles ~ its me Hijizzle
  10. Happy to be apart of the team 

  11. Last week
  12. Gamers

    Epic gamer moment.
  13. Welcome to Ozzy champ! Hope your stay is pleasant, enjoy!
  14. Hello all

    Welcome, And stay safe!
  15. Gday all, Just rejoined the server to RP with a more serious schedule dedicated. Haven't formally introduced myself so, My current name is Allison Adeen. I come from another city similar to this, in which I had lived in for around 9 months. During those 9 months I reached superintendent within its local area command. However I feel that this city will provide me with new and great experiences. Hope to meet you all soon.
  16. Howdy!

    welcome even though you are no stranger
  17. +1 For another switch point. -1 For a third character. Having two separate banks on two separate characters is hard enough to implement, let alone a third character.
  18. Howdy!

    I am `justin. Also known as - Justin101, Shneebz, suboofa, justyn, https://www.twitch.tv/suboofa , etc etc I'm a Community Veteran, I began my Ozzygaming journey back in 2015 with Arma 3. About a year later I've played many roles in the community as Top overall Hours with 1985 Hours on record. I was an admin for about 2-3 years, Getting kicked out once and then re-joining. Im alright-kindof-dudeson. I play all sort of games, FiveM, Fortnite, Arma, Escape From Tarkov and also Atlas. Add me if your down to play anything - https://steamcommunity.com/id/suboofa/ Peace
  19. Welcome to the community my boi, have fun
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