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Altis Life Returns (With a date - P.S. Its tonight at 4pm AEST!)

This announcement is no longer active


Ladies and Gentlemen, we've done it. 

Altis life will be returning to your wonderful screens TONIGHT at 4pm AEST

Make sure you jump on and relive some nostalgia. Get straight in to the amazing tactical firefights, incredible gun play, 'out of this world' vehicle collision mechanics, crafting, helicopters, submarines and much more! 

The best part is, the whole thing is a right laugh and it's genuinely the most fun I've ever had playing a game. 

If you haven't already got ArmA 3 and you really want it, then you're in luck! 

because the Executive team are so generous, we have decided to give away three copies of the game! 
At 7:30pm AEST we are drawing the names of the winners! If you satisfy the following criteria, then you're in the draw!

- Must be a part of our Steam Group.
- Must be registered on our website.
- Must not have been banned in the last month.
- Must not already own the game.

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